Penang “Rojak”

Travelling is not just about visiting sights, indulging in local cuisine, shopping, experiencing different cultures… blah blah… sometimes you get caught in massive jams while on the way to your next destination. And you begin to worry when you see thick smoke rising to the sky…

and then… a fire engine whizzes past and stops […]

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Beware of the Fangs!

No, it’s not a zoo. The snakes are everywhere and not kept in any enclosures. One glance at the triangular head, you know they are venomous snakes. Those are pit vipers. Wagler’s pit vipers.

So where on earth is this place? You are now on an island, somewhere in Penang, Malaysia… …

You are in a […]

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Kek Lok Si Air Itam

I wish I could stay on for a few more days to explore Kuala Lumpur since I hadn’t been there for years but we had to drive back to Penang island to catch the flight back to Singapore two days later.

Back in Penang, we continued to indulge in more authentic local eats on a […]

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Hopping around KL City

Following my previous entry on KL City sights and food, it was another day for us to see the bustling city and this time, we did it by Putra LRT (Light Rail Transit). It’s convenient and pleasurable to travel around the city by this mode of public transport, especially we don’t need to worry […]

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KL City sights & food

After a night at Genting Highlands, we drove back to Kuala Lumpur (KL) city. Though KL is merely a 30min flight from Singapore, I haven’t been there for many years.  To me, KL is a bustling city with people everywhere, many shopping malls around and traffic jams!

Somehow, as we stepped out of Sungei Wang […]

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Lantern Festival @Mersing

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This year’s post on Mid-Autumn Festival: No more pictures of moon cakes; I grew tired of them. They are high […]

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The Las Vegas of Malaysia

After spending 2 days in Ipoh, we drove to Kuala Lumpur (KL in short), the capital of Malaysia. From there, it took us less than an hour to reach Awana resort where we stayed there for a night. I guess most holidaymakers at Awana like us would spend most of the time up on […]

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makan ur heart out

Continued from our trip from Penang to Ipoh in Malaysia…

The Chinese have “ang bao” (red packet) and the Malay have “green bao” too! “Green-bao” literally means green packet that is used to contain money and is given out to kids (only?) during Hari Raya Puasa. It’s quite amusing to see green packets with design […]

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Hungry Ghost in Penang

If you are a Penangite, I guess you pretty much know about this statue outside Penang Berjaya Times Square. I heard that many people took photos of it. It’s a big European man instructing a muscular Indonesian coolie with big biceps to carry the heavy loads to somewhere. Of cos, you won’t see this […]

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The Old Water Village

At one glance, I thought it was just another old residential area in Georgetown, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Penang, Malaysia. Little did I knew that the moment I stepped on the wooden platform, I was already over the water.

The Chew Jetty is the largest among the other seven waterfront settlements housing different […]

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