Day 7 – Where on Earth has the Cleanest Air?

Where can you breathe in some of the cleanest air in the world? You would have probably thought of this: it must be somewhere extremely remote, very hard to access, no vehicles are allowed, and perhaps is even restricted to visitors!

No, it’s not wishful thinking. Unassumingly, we breathed in the world’s cleanest air!

We all […]

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Day 6 – Scenic Stanley

The far north west of Tasmania has one of the most pristine regions in the world and Stanley is a great premier tourist town for guided tours to the amazing attractions in this underrated yet fascinating part of the world. Beachside Retreat West Inlet is one that hosts nature tours for their guests. Chris […]

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Day 6 – I Heart Stanley

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is such a beautiful paradise that even if you have forgotten your camera, you won’t forget the stunning sceneries that are already etched in your memories. Who wouldn’t want to stay longer in Cradle Mountain? Nonetheless, there is always another pristine region waiting for us to explore in […]

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Day 5 – Let’s Cradle!

Standing at 1545 metres high, the craggy profile of the remarkable Cradle Mountain is  Tasmania’s natural icon and the National Park is one of the most popular natural areas in this Apple Isle. Lake St Clair – Australia’s deepest freshwater lake – is at the southern end of the park.

Covered in an array of […]

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Day 5 – Devonport to Cradle Mountain

It’s never a boring drive in Tasmania. The island is so compact that there is always something interesting to explore along the way to another attraction.

Driving time from Devonport to Sheffield is about 30 mins. Sheffield is a quiet rural township known for its hand-painted colourful murals depicting local stories of the pioneers, special […]

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Day 4 – At 41º south

What an inspiring session we had with Ziggy! Who would think that a piece of land with willows and gorse infested scrubs could be carved out into one of the best inland fish farms in Australia? In fact, the Pyka family believes in environmentally friendly methods of farming. They are the first for creating […]

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Day 4 – Leaving Hobart

Before leaving Hobart, we purposely got up earlier to catch Salamanca Market that only opens every Saturday from 8.30 am until 3.00 pm. The Saturday market is Australia’s biggest and most authentic outdoor market and it has been running for 30 years.

There are over 300 stalls selling everything from fresh produce to Tasmanian exotic […]

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Day 3 – Gourmet Time!

The scent of fruit is in the air. Nothing can beat the freshness of the glossy fruits picked straight from the orchard. This afternoon, we had a juicy time at Sorell Fruit Farm, Tasmania’s premier pick-your-own fruit farm and restaurant. The tourism award winning farm is located just 15 mins from Richmond and 15 […]

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Day 3 – Meet the Devils!

Want to understand the process of how Cadbury chocolates are made? Let’s pop by Cadbury Visitors Centre at Claremont, north Hobart. The Cadbury factory at Claremont has a long history in Tasmania – it was established in 1921.

Do you know that the production of Cadbury start at the Singapore cocoa factory? I just knew […]

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Day 2 – Exploring Tahune Forest Reserve

Like what Russell the little plump wilderness scout in Disney-Pixar’s UP says, “The Wilderness must be explored!”

It takes about an hour’s drive from Huon Visitor Centre jetty to Tahune Forest Reserve , a World Heritage Area near Geeveston in Huon Valley, one of Tasmania’s most world-renowned ancient forests. The word “ancient” already evokes a […]

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