Tasmanian Food Trails

Lying on the path of the Roaring Forties in the Southern Ocean, the pristine natural environment of Tasmania is endowed with some of the cleanest air and water in the world. The island to the south of mainland Australia has four distinct seasons; thanks to its varied microclimates and unpolluted sources, we can indulge […]

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Amazing Tasmania

Tasmania is both a nature lover’s and photographer’s paradise. The island is so compact with not-to-be-missed attractions in close proximity, that it is never boring. A self-drive tour is perfect for uncovering the gloriously untouched beauty, and just across the road from the domestic terminal car rental services are available.

For a unique close-up experience […]

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Cradle Mountain @ Tasmania [2/2]

Follow me through the forest in Lord of the Rings!

The Weindorfers Forest Walk is one of my favourite trails in Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair National Park. If you have been to the Cradle Mountain, you would agree with me this piece of paradise is a top-notch, must-visit destination in the world!

It was my […]

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Cradle Mountain @ Tasmania [1/2]

Tasmania Day 4: Stanley + Cradle Mountain

The Nut @ Stanley
You can breathe in some of the world’s cleanest air in the Northwest of Tasmania, one of the most pristine regions in the world with important remaining tracts of temperate rainforest.

Stanley is a lovely, laid back tourist town that serves as a gateway to Edge of […]

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Tasmania Bay of Fires!

Tasmania Day 3: From Bicheno, we drove along the scenic east coast all the way to the “Hottest” travel destination for 2009 by Lonely Planet, Bay of Fires, and continued to the Northwest coast for a night in Stanley.

*extracted from maps.google.com

Bay of Fires
It’s not graffiti on boulders, no one splashed paints! The stretch along […]

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Tasmania East Coast Attractions

On the second day in Tassie, we left Hobart and drove up north to discover the rugged beauty of the east coast.

*extracted from maps.google.com
In less than 30 mins drive from Hobart, we arrived in Richmond to admire the oldest bridge in Australia. Constructed by convicts from 1823 to 1825 during the penal settlement period, […]

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8 Days Tasmania Self-Drive Convoy

I made it to Tasmania again in two years. It’s one of those paradise places on earth where you won’t get tired of visiting and I love her even more! Thanks to Tourism Tasmania and Chan Brothers Travel, I was part of the ‘8 Days Devilishly Tasmania Self-Drive Convoy’.

They say Tasmania is a photographer’s […]

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Flowerish Hour

Many strikingly beautiful floral species thrives in Tasmania. It’s flower festival everyday. If you can name the flowers, please help me!

Even the Mayoress of Lower Crackpot has a little gorgeous garden…

View from the Directors Lodge at Woolnorth, Tasmania.

Rose garden at Sorell Fruit Farm.

Pretty real flowers that look fake.

Peach rose.

Africa Iris has got wings!

Flower field.


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Winner of the “Devilish” Contest!

Congratulations to the winner of Devilishly Tasmania Challenge !

Winner of the Grand Prize – 6 Days/ 4 Nights Tasmania self-drive package that’s worth S$3,500 by Chan Brothers Travel – Kang Yew Jin

Winners of Tasmanian hampers
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Once again, Thank You Very Much […]

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Dainty Daisies

A rich and attractive variety of daisies can be found in Tassie. It’s a tough row to hoe when I’m trying to name the different kind of daisies pictured here. Maybe some don’t even belong to the daisy family at all? Pls name them or correct me if I’m wrong!

Cape daisy. Very pretty purplish […]

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