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Chew Thean Yeang (周天央) or better known as CTY Aquarium is the largest live fish shop in South East Asia.  You not only see a great variety of fishes here but also many kind of exotic animals. (Address: 82 Burmah Road, Penang)

There are alot of beautiful fishes here but photo-taking is not allowed.

Yet, don’t know why, my cellphone camera automatically snapped this photo of a very big catfish.

I didn’t get the name of this species. It looks like a tortoise with thorns and a shell covered with algae. Can anyone help me on this? It’s weird! (Update: This is an alligator snapping turtle! It eats fishes! Thx to Ah Shui)

Didn’t get the name of this lizard too! =P

I hope I got it right. This beautiful snake is known as Green Tree Snake.

This species is called Indian Star Tortoise. Right? LOL. See, seems like I didn’t read their names. =P

Those Malayan Leaf Frogs are strange-looking! They really look like brown leaves and they seem to have horns above their eyes.

Albino frogs! I think it was the first time I saw this frog species.

Surprised to see a Sphynx at CTY Aquarium. Well, a Sphynx is a rare breed of hairless cat. Suddeny a guard told me photo-taking is not allowed. Then I realised my cellphone had been taking photos for me unknowingly for quite sometime. =P So that’s the end of the story.

I recommend anyone to visit CTY Aquarium. It’s like a little zoo with many beautiful fishes and exotic animals!

If you love the exotic marine life, come join the voyage to the Underwater World Singapore.

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