Latest Updates on Table Tennis Women’s Singles Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals Matches:
China’s Zhang Yining Vs China’s Wang Nan – World no. 1 Zhang Yining won the Gold Medal Match against World no. 3 Wang Nan. It’s a match of the best against the best.

Singapore’s Li Jia wei (World no. 6) lost 2-4 against China’s Guo Yue (World no. 2), after a tough battle and fightback. Gone is Singapore’s hope for another Bronze medal. Nonetheless, Jia wei did well. Kudos!

After 20 years since the Olympic Games in Seoul, this is the first time China grabbed all three medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze for Table Tennis Women’s Singles in Beijing Olympic 2008.

Singapore’s Li Jiawei lost 1-4 against China’s Zhang Yining in the Table Tennis Women’s Singles Semi-Final in Beijing Olympic 2008. =( .

It’s definitely not a one-sided game against the World no. 1 Zhang Yining. Both Li Jiawei and Zhang Yi ning were showcasing their fantastic skills even under immensed pressure. Being a World no. 1 player isn’t at all times unbeatable, Li Jiawei won the first game and both scores from the players were close against each other.

Video of China’s Zhang Yining Vs Singapore’s Lee Jiawei in Table Tennis Women’s Single Semi-Final Beijing Olympic 2008.

All is not lost. Li Jiawei will play against China’s Guo Yue the Bronze medal match at 7.30pm tonight, “Live” telecast from Channel 5 at Singapore time. Ex World no. 1 Wang Nan will take on current World no. 1 Zhang Yining. Both are from China’s team. Table tennis is all about the quality of the game now!

Now, Singapore is aiming for another medal in Table Tennis Women’s Singles. Unfortunately, my favourite paddler Feng Tien wei has just lost to the World no. 1 Chinese paddler Zhang Yining in the Quarter Final. How I wish she would only take on this World no. 1 paddler in the Semi-Final or Final! Feng Tienwei has ever beaten Zhang Yining in an international tournament before, and her scores against Zhang Yining are in fact, very close.

Video of Singapore’s Feng Tien wei Vs China’s Zhang Yi ning in Table Tennis Women’s Singles Quarter-Final Beijing Olympic 2008.

Fortunately, the other more senior Singapore paddler Li Jiawei managed to enter the Women’s Singles Semi-Final. This time, she will take on Zhang Yining too! OMG! Zhang Yining is really a very powerful paddler and it’s not easy to defeat her. Nonetheless, we will cheer for Li Jiawei! =) “Live” telecast of Singapore’s Li Jiawei Vs China’s Zhang Yining at 10am on 22 August at Channel 5 (Singapore Time).

Here is a snippet of Singapore playing against China in Table Tennis Women’s Team Final in Beijing Olympic 2008.

Table Tennis Team Women Victory Ceremony Video

This Kawaii FUKUHARA Ai is not only a world class paddler who represents Japan, but she is also popularly known as a sweet and bubbly girl with a baby face that always wears a big smile! She played against the World no. 1 Zhang Yining (again!) in Table Tennis Women’s Singles Preliminary round but lost the match and is out of Beijing Olympic Games now.

Here is a cute snippet of Fukuhara Ai playing against Zhang Yining, with a Japanese song!

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