Alaska Cruise & Land Tour

Continuing from Alaska with Princess Cruises

During the 7-day roundtrip Alaska voyage on Crown Princess, we would disembark at different ports of call to explore the place on our own or join the pre-booked shore excursions.

Crown Princess departed from Seattle in the afternoon and sailed for two days before arriving into Juneau, Alaska. The ship […]

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To Alaska with Princess Cruises

So I made it to Glacier Bay and that’s ticked off the bucket list. It was amazing to cruise through Alaska, see the floating icebergs and calving glaciers, hear them pop and crackle. The magnificent scenery and wildlife thriving in their natural habitat make it a Nat Geo moment anytime.

While browsing my older posts, […]

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Our Little Friends

A vid compilation of the two little ones from the States.

Upcoming: Check out this blog again soon for an exciting CONTEST announcement!

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Niagara Falls in Winter

The Niagara Falls are renowned both for their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Here are some photos taken from the Niagara Falls at New York side during the white winter in Dec 08 by Kelly.

Firstly, enjoy my slide/video from the Niagara Falls during our summer visit in 2007! Opps! The […]

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New York City in snow

Kelly took those pictures from Top of the Rock @Rockefeller Center and New York City recently. It’s all about New York city covered with snow, and that offers a very different scene of what I saw during my summer visit to NYC in 2007.

Firstly, watch the slide show with our summer pics from NYC that I uploaded to YouTube sometime back! Opps! The video has some problem with Youtube now. Let me fix it first.

Then… it’s winter now, the Central Park in snow…at Manhattan in New York City, nestling amid the hustling and bustling city. It is the most visited public urban park in the U.S and its appearance in many movies and television shows has made it famous. A little trivia here: The Central Park is most visited by aliens, especially those from Hollywood movies! (Pics below taken by Kelly)

Awesome view from TOP OF THE ROCK, an observation deck at Rockefeller Center located in midtown Manhattan which is 70 storeys above the city. A bird’s eye view of Empire State Building, Central Park and a 360-degree panorama view of the Big Apple, with tall buildings sprouted up all over the city.

The big patch of land is the Central park. With snow on the rooftops, it gives a different view of what I saw during my summer visit to Top of the Rock @New York City.

An awesome night scene of New York City with millions of lights from Top of the Rock.

The tallest building in Manhattan that King Kong climbed – The Empire State Building. Also the 10th tallest […]

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2009 Times Square Countdown

Where were you during the Countdown party a week ago? My sis and her friend had a “happening” new year eve at Times Square in New York city. They took some pics and videos among an estimated one million of people. However, the duo gave up after waiting for 6 hrs at 8plus in the night due to the coldness and nature’s calling; it was hard to squeeze back into the crowd once you left your area. Some even brought bottles to pee there… She said her feet were numb and when she walked away, she could feel pain in her bones. Gosh! She thought she didn’t wear enough clothing. I guess Asians like us from hot and humid countries like Singapore can’t stand the cold well.

Check out the photos and videos below.

Eyewear 2009.

Lots of NY police officers at Times Square to maintain order and peace during the New Year’s eve 2009 countdown party. Chaos can’t be tolerated in such a huge crowd should anything happen.


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The U.S Vacation

We embarked on a guided tour for a two week vacation in New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Washington D.C; free & easy tour in Disneyland, Universal Studios in Orlando and Virginia.

The whole flight journey by Northwest Airlines, including transits at Narita Int’l Airport (Japan) and Detroit Metro Airport (U.S), flight delay and tight security, […]

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New York Chinatown

Our first destination: New York Chinatown – the largest Chinatown in the United States and the western hemisphere. We went there for a quick breakfast. Chaos. So many tourists belonging to different tour groups gathering at the hotel lobby. We managed to find our tour guide, Richard, from Paradise Vacations (a local tour assigned […]

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New York Financial District

Richard told us that there are more police officers in New York City than any other cities. It is known for its history as a gateway for immigrants to the U.S and its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing centre. Soon, we started snapping pictures of NYPD patrol cars, which we used […]

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New York Liberty Cruise

How could we afford to miss the Liberty?! The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States to commemorate the 100th anniversary of American independence. She was dedicated on 28 October 1886 and restored for her centennial on 4 July 1986. We […]

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