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Sentosa has three beaches, namely Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach. We did not travel any further to Tanjong Beach for we passed Dolphin Lagoon. I’ve already covered Palawan Beach in my previous post.
Plenty of beach activities for the fun lovers. We just strolled along Siloso Beach, at the same time, taking photos with a heavy Canon DSLR that I had been carrying throughout the whole trip. =S

This pic with a row of colourful flags is now my current desktop wallpaper. ^^

Embracing the sea breeze under the blue sky on a slanted coconut tree. I want to drink coconut water!

Sentosa Beach VolleyBall Challenge 2008.

The Flying Trapeze is another attraction at Siloso Beach. Conquer your fear of height if you dare!

Beware of possible peacock attacks to cars. During mating season, the peacocks may mistaken their own reflection as that of a competing peacock and attack your nicely polished car. Park at your own risk!

Top 10 Tips for the beach!

#1: Always swim at a beach watched by Beach Petrol officers.
#2: Swim between the “Swim Here” flags.
#3: Always swim with a friend. Children should wim under supervision at all times.
#4: Don’t swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

…The rest you read them yourself… @_@

Dinner at CoffeeBean. We had a quick one to catch the sunset view!

Warm and golden sunset, after Photoshopping. =P I love doing this magical effect!

Reach out for the stars! Oops! I forgot to turn on the flash light.

Goodbye to the Sun. Hang on! It’s not the end of our day at Sentosa yet. In nearly two hours’ time, we would be watching “Songs of the Sea” with laser show and fireworks. Stay tuned for my last post on Sentosa!

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