Rosh Hanikra Grottoes (by Casio Exilim ZR20)

While friends were recommending places to visit in Israel on my second trip, many have a common suggestion: Rosh Hanikra.

Ms Sigalit Krasner, the friendly tour guide and owner of “See Galil” who organises vacation trips in Israel and the Galilee, drove us to Rosh Hanikra Grottoes in the Western Galilee near the Israel-Lebanon border.

All […]

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I’m Back In Israel!

When I left Israel last September with a heavy heart, I thought it’s gonna be once-in-a-life-time experience and almost impossible to come back again any sooner. I was one of the five international bloggers invited to embark on OnceInALifetime2.0 trip in Israel.

Can’t believe it that I arrived in Tel Aviv last night! This time, […]

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Red Sea resort city of Eilat, Israel

We took a domestic flight from Tel Aviv to the southernmost city of Israel, Eilat – a popular resort city built on the shores of a spectacular gulf at the northern tip of the Red Sea, a holiday destination that blooms in the Southern Negev Desert.

Aerial photos of Eilat. The domestic airport is conveniently […]

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A Night in Tel Aviv

Here is a breathtaking urban view of Tel Aviv through the window of my guest room on the 13th floor at Crowne Plaza City Center TLV. I had the room all by myself and it was one of the best stays in Israel.

Crowne Plaza City Center TLV
I like contemporary, bright and spacious hotel room […]

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Jerusalem: Western Wall, Holy Sepulchre

There’s something about Jerusalem like no other. You have to be there to feel it yourself. Perhaps I was overwhelmed by its eventful history and ancient architectures that date back thousands of years, and awestruck standing on a holy ground concentrated with three major world religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

For the Jews, Jerusalem […]

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Ancient Jerusalem: the Tower of David

To learn the history of Jerusalem, the Tower of David Museum is a must-see attraction. The medieval fortress bears testimony to 4,000 years of the city’s history with archeological remains. It’s our first stop to visit when we arrived in Jerusalem – one of the oldest cities in the world that has been destroyed […]

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A day of fun in Golan #Israel

We continued to tour the Golan Heights from the breathtaking Mount Bental where we could see the Syrian border to the Golan Brewhouse. Golan is very suitable for wine grapes cultivation and we were introduced to the four types of Israeli beer produced by the unique Golan brewery. Golan beer, Galil beer, Emek beer […]

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Bahá’í Gardens @ Haifa, Israel

Ranked as 152nd smallest in the world out of 236 countries (fyi, Singapore is #189), Israel is the holy land for three major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam since the biblical era. A country that has been the setting of religious freedom, the five officially recognized religions include the above-mentioned, Druzeism and the […]

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Save a Child’s Heart

In cooperation with the Wolfson Medical Center, “Save a Child’s Heart” has been providing cardiac surgery and other life saving procedures for thousands of children aging from infancy to 18 years old from Africa, Asia, the Palestinian Authority and other developing countries with the finest medical care, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, or […]

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Once in a lifetime in Israel

“As a part of this project, I would like to offer a once in a life time opportunity for famous bloggers and influential media people, like yourself, to experience the real Israel in a ten day trip that would take place on September 11th, 2011 to the Holy Land! All expenses paid! Our […]

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