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Happy 2010! Long waited for this post my friends! I just came back from Penang, yes… spent my New Year in Penang. These shots were taken with Pentax K-X on Christmas and before New Year in Singapore. We had a fun time hopping around the city with our Penang relatives.

Somehow, I still prefer the Christmas lights along Orchard in 2008. There were bigger and brighter decorations about the “Sweets Family” back then.

Colourful decorative lights along Orchard road last Christmas.

The giant Christmas tree standing at Raffles City.

I was also pretty lucky to win 3 tickets for the Singapore Flyer from a Christmas party! Or perhaps, Melissa was lucky. Who would expect to win 3 tickets instead of just a pair? A ticket costs S$29.50 for a 30 mins flight on the world’s largest observation wheel.

Up, up and away! Quite an awesome skyline view of the city area and the waterfront architecture. The blue illuminating dots are just floating balls on the water surface that reflected the blue light shine on them.

Singapore Flyer capsules.

Photo of Singapore Flyer taken with slow shutter speed.

It’s light doodling time! We were once Angels by the sea …

Singapore night skyline, with the world’s tallest ferris wheel – Singapore Flyer and the iconic Esplanade theatres by the bay.

Many say the Esplanade looks like durian or the eyes of a housefly!

The old Supreme Court facing the Padang.

A zoom in view of the old British colonial architecture.

The Cavenagh Bridge, the oldest and the only suspension bridge in Singapore. It leads you to the Fullerton Hotel.

The famous Fullerton Hotel. Can you see a faint view of the Singapore Flyer in the background?

Connaught Drive across the Singapore River.

I blogged about this attraction before in Aug 2008 – Merlion Park. Not much difference except you see the tall buildings of the Integrated Casino Resorts in the background that are still under construction. The project is slated to complete in April this year, maybe?

The skyline of Singapore city and the Merlion Park. It should look brighter if we increase in the Exposure Value.

Esplanade in the background. A faint view of the tall building is the 5-star luxury Swissotel the Stamford, one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia.

The iconic feature of Singapore – the Merlion, with a starburst!

Alright, the fifth photo with the Merlion, pretty “Merlion-obsessive” today.

That’s the Integrated Casino Resorts behind the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, the longest bridge in Singapore.

Clarke Quay at the Singapore River waterfront. I blogged about Clarke Quay before in 2008 too!

Riverside Point.

Reversed Bungy. One jump at S$45!

The Central mall.

The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City, designed according to Feng Shui. At certain periods, when the giant fountain is turned off, visitors can walk towards the centre and around the smaller fountain for good luck. You would be surprised for the long queue at times! There is laser show at night and everyone can dedicate laser messages via the computer screen at the entrance of the fountain. I wanted to key in “Travelerfolio” in the message but we all wasted too much time giggling away while inputing the message and the connection timed out.

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Hope you have a great start of the year! I’ve more updates soon. See you again!