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You like curry mee? This coffee shop called Xin Quan Fang (新泉芳) sells Ipoh famous curry mee (noodles). It’s located in 174 Jln Sultan Iskandar Shah, Ipoh. Business hour: 7am to 2pm.

Just like any popular eateries in Ipoh, you need to wait patiently for good food. So, you see why I was aiming at myself…

The little stall that serves the famous curry mee to every patron, some from countries as far as Singapore. ^^

A bowl of roasted pork, prawns and chicken slices, with curry sauce for dipping. The curry mee are soaked in curry that I think has no coconut milk in it, so I find it less fattening. It’s really good!

Hakka mee. I like the noodles. It’s not like those yellow alkaline noodles (yucks!) that we usually eat in Singapore. (Fyi, Hakka is a Chinese dialect group.)

I love steamed rice roll or Chee Cheong Fun () in mushroom sauce. Ipoh is famous for producing soft and smooth rice noodles owing to its local water quality.

Another version of chicken curry mee with additional side dish like yong tau foo ( | bean curd stuffed with meat paste like fish or pork). I like Hakka yong tau foo. ^^ Woooo… hungry now…

Nga Choy Kai (芽菜鸡 | bean sprouts + chicken) is the famous dish in Ipoh. If you have not tried Nga Choy Kai when you are in Ipoh, you wasted your trip. What?! That serious?!

The steamed chicken is tender and Ipoh bean sprouts are really juicy! Not forgetting the flat rice noodles with soft and silky texture. You can order noodles with soup or dry noodles with sauce. I prefer the latter. So far, most Nga Choy Kai that we had tried before are good. But the more popular stall is “Lou Wong” Nga Choy Ka (老黄芽菜鸡) which is always crowded with people, so we hardly go there.

Ipoh bean sprouts are one of a kind – they are shorter, stouter and juicier! The Ipoh folks have been saying that it is due to the water from the limestone hills surrounding Ipoh that produces such juicy bean sprouts and delicious food. It is known that Ipoh has one of the cleanest and clearest water supplies in Malaysia, as the source is from the waterfalls in the nearby Tanjung Rambutan.

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