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I love all these free-ranging monkeys, especially the chubby fellow here, the White-faced Saki. It’s a male species.

It’s feeding time for the female white-faced saki monkey. This type of New World monkey feeds on fruits, seeds, nuts and insects.

The Fragile Forest is one of my favourites at the Singapore Zoo. It’s pretty exciting and you get hair raising encounter with creepy crawlies and critters crossing your path; just like this fluffy-ear coolio that can be crawling on the branch right above you!

This black-and-white ruffed lemur gave me a fright when it suddenly cried out loudly and jumped onto the railing of the stairs that I was standing while taking a picture of it. I dare not stand close to this “spirit of the night” anymore.

A fruit bat hanging upside down, oh well, all bats hang upside down. Have you ever wondered why bats hang upside down? Seems like the critters in the fragile forest love watermelon.

Still in the Fragile Forest, with butterflies fluttering around and feeding on nectar.

You’ll see a great variety of orchids in Singapore, afterall, orchid is Singapore’s national flower. To be exact, it’s called Vanda Miss Joaquim. (Not shown here.)

The Lion King.

The Gorgeous Giraffes. They hardly sleep; they only sleep for about 2 hrs a day.

The white rhinoceros.

A squirrel. Say “Cheeseburger”!

Bring your kids to Kidzworld for the pony ride and the horse carriage ride.

Do-re-mi duckies crossing the stream.

The zebras turned away as we moved toward them.

And this is “zebra crossing” on the road.

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