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Let’s continue from Singapore Zoo (Part 1/5) and explore deeper into the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia.

Tools on display in an African housing.

Watch out for the Hamadryas Baboons of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia.

It’s said to have more than 70 baboons kept in this”Great Rift Valley”.

And I just learnt that these hairless pads of skin are called ischial callosities. They provide sitting comfort for the baboons. Lucky fellow… !

What we see here are all taken behind the glass that separates us from the baboons, yet providing us a closer view of those Old World monkeys from Ethiopia.

I think this is a female Hamadryas baboon tending her young; the male has a large white mane. It’s said that it’s best not to show your teeth or stare at a baboon as that can be interpreted as a threat! Touching noses is a friendly greeting but I don’t think I will risk that. XD

Near the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is Australian Outback, where you will see critters commonly found in Australia, like kangaroos and wallabies. I understand that a wallaby is smaller than a kangaroo… but hey, do you think this is a wallaby?

I don’t know what is the name of those primates. Black monkeys? -_-|||

I tried black pepper emu before. The other one is a cassowary. What’s the one in the middle?

A few deer having their lunch in an enclosure at a lower elevation.

Elephants led by zookeepers to another enclosure.

One of the Animal shows at “Elephants of Asia”, featuring elephants at work and play.

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