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Taiping is also famous for its Lake Gardens. The park sprawls over 62 hectares of land and is one of the largest and oldest parks in Malaysia. We were simply exhausted while walking around the gardens, and we didn’t even manage to see all of them.

Click left-right to scroll the panoramic view of Taiping Lake Gardens, or click on image to enlarge.

There are big water lotus lakes in Taiping Lake Gardens. Frankly speaking, I feel that the water lotus lakes are not being taken care of. The lotus plants look rather dull and not many blooming lotus flowers around.

A man was removing some lotus buds.

There are many big old trees along the roadside in Taiping Lake Gardens.

The big trees branch out over the roadway, artistically…

and the branches of some trees have even grown over to the opposite side of the road. Er… any height limit set for vehicles? (Click to enlarge image without the ugly red arrow.)

Great pose! ^_^

Lot of Bamboo trees for the pandas.

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