Music crosses boundaries, culture and language barriers, bringing people of different races together. The universal language of music unites!

Well into its second decade, the Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 celebrates world music with a diversity of prominent artistes from countries including France, UK, Ireland, Georgia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Algeria, Kenya, Senegal, Vanuatu, Iran, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The 3-day world music festival has turned its venue, the Sarawak Cultural Village, into a global village overwhelmed with a multitude of music-goers from across the globe.

Music Workshops

One of the largest music events in Malaysia, the RWMF features daytime workshops held under the roof of traditional long houses at the Sarawak Cultural Village. Everyone has the opportunity to get up close to the performers as they share about topics involving musical instruments and dance. It’s where music styles of different countries blend in so harmoniously, producing spellbinding music that touches the hearts of many.

Vanuatu Water Music

My favourite performers are from the remote tropical islands of Vanuatu – Leweton Women’s Water Music. With no musical instrument, the women use their hand movements to beat the water in rhythmic dance of bodies and waves. The water music is so original, a living tradition that unveils the sounds of the day to day activities of the ancestors like washing, bathing and collecting shellfish.

The lake @ the cultural village at the base of Mt Santubong.

Melanau Tall House – it’s also a guesthouse right in the Sarawak Cultural Village.

@ Orang Ulu Longhouse

I nearly stepped onto this strange looking species under a tree. Does anyone know what it is?

This shot was taken during sunset at One Hotel Santubong near the Sarawak Cultural Village. The Leweton Women were making water music at the swimming pool.

@ The main stage. The 3-day concert started from 7pm to 12am.

A snapshot with one of the press photographers – Michael Ozaki from Singapore.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 Performers

The renowned Sarawakian musicians – Masters of the Sape.

Victor Valdez and his Mexican harp. The virtuoso has performed to royalty like Queen Elizabeth II and Queen of Spain.

One of my favourites, expect high energy music from Kamafei, the powerhouse from the south of Italy.

Hailed from France, Startijenn plays a wild mix of traditional tunes, unique compositions and zippy arrangements.

Kamerunga – The multi-talented ensemble from Australia combines folk influences with rock, classical and world music elements.

From Kenya, Kenge Kenge has presented African traditional music through an unusual assortment of self-made traditional instruments to the world.

Malike Pathe Sow, Senegal.

The Grammy nominated Lisa Haley & the Zydecats are the leading zydeco band in the world.

DuOud (Tunisia/Algeria)

Mamak Khadem, Iran.

Joaquin Diaz, Dominican Republic.

The Blue Canyon Boys – one of the famous Front Range bluegrass bands in Colorado, USA.

Iskwew aboriginal women singers from Canada.

Warsaw Village Band – The polish band plays ancient-modern Polish music and is one of the most famous of its genre in the world.

A fusion of Punjabi folk music and western rock music, Kissmet from UK can easily appeal to the masses with high energy vibe.

The sweltering crowd at the Rainforest World Music Festival. All charged up for the massive party.

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