How do you prepare for an overseas trip? Any useful travel tips for Tasmania?

The first thing that comes across my mind is the weather in Tasmania. As you know, Singapore is  tropical so we don’t experience clear-cut seasons like spring, autumn and winter. Some even jokingly say that Singapore only has three seasons: hot, hotter and hottest! Look into my wardrobe and you won’t find any sweater or woolly stuff. Psychologically speaking, I would feel too hot if I see those thick warm clothings especially on a sunny day! So, all the cold weather garments are packed in the storeroom. Now I definitely need them, better check to see if they are still in good condition!

Tasmania has four distinct seasons and the warmest months are from Dec till March, with an average summer temperature between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius. Gosh, even the warmer months are cooler than Singapore’s weather. The maritime climate can change very quickly, especially in mountain areas and the locals advise to bring at least a warm jacket and a rain jacket. I’m going to take the “onion approach“: to layer my clothing so as to warm up and peel off the layers like an onion to cool down quickly.

Wear comfy shoes for bushwalking in Tasmania and not forgetting sunscreen! Already learnt a lesson for not applying enough sunscreen during my snorkeling trip in Sabah, Malaysia and suffered a first degree sunburn.

How about a travel adaptor for battery chargers? Power points in Australia take three-pin plugs which are different from the British three-pin variety. So, bring a multi-plug adapter, or else we can only use one electronics equipment at a time. I’m going to bring a DSLR and a compact camera. Can’t wait to snap! Also, it’s good to bring a laptop along for transferring of photos from the cameras to ease up the storage spaces. You won’t know if your memory cards suddenly corrupted!

Something worth sharing: I’ve been referring to DiscoverTasmania for all the necessary info about Tasmania. When you get to the right resource, it saves time and preparation can be just as fun as the trip itself.

This is important: get a comprehensive travel insurance for a peace of mind through Chan Brothers Travel. I’ve done a list of tips to follow for an overseas trip sometime back. Feel free to check it out.

Visit this blog again on 19 Jan as I depart for Tasmania.

See you soon!