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IMPORTANT! Read this before you scroll down the page. This post contains chilling images that  some viewers may find it unpleasant, especially when you are alone now, staring at this screen in the middle of the night.

You’ve been warned! Even I had a hard time editing this unusual post, hearing strange noises and having nightmares after that. So, don’t let your guard down as you read on…

It all started when my friend and I accepted an invitation to take on the Night Safari Halloween Horrors last weekend. This year’s Halloween theme is Spooky Tales of Asia, a unique Halloween experience that centers around supernatural beliefs and scary urban legends.

Train of Terror, Trail of the Undead and the Gui Mansion at the Haunted Village in Singapore Zoo are the horror highlights of the Halloween month.

The Train of Terror took us deep into the rainforest where we were greatly “disturbed” by the horrifying “ghouls” that appeared out of no where. My friend seated on the right was afraid to look on her left as any “ghoul” could scare the hell out of you if they caught you off-guard!

Spotted another “ghoul” crawling at the grave. Kudos to these “ghouls”. Aren’t they afraid of the real “thing” out there while they are alone waiting to scare “victims” like us?

I find it eerie to see creepy mannequins amidst the dark forest. I hope I didn’t snap any “thing” extra. So you know why it’s a mental torture to edit this set of photos! Darn the ghastly images are still so vivid in my mind!

The Chinese ancient “ghost bride”. The real person behind this bloody visage is so damn brave! I can’t imagine playing “ghost” together with the creepy mannequins and standing there alone while waiting for another “Train of Terror” to pass by.

See? The “ghost bride” is stationed here with so many mannequins at the wedding altar in the darkness! Mind you, it’s not as bright as you see in this shot. I fired flash. So that’s really spooky!

Train is coming… train is coming… train is cominnnng! … Love your ride! *ding dong*

Saw a pillory with a few “heads” around as our train passed by…

If the Train of Terror didn’t scare you silly, get off the train and step into the Trail of the Undead. A girl was screaming hysterically just as she ventured into the darkness.

Eeeeks!!! Did you see eyes that look so real? I hate this shot! I hate taking photos here!

Baby limbs!

The mummy. Gosh that face looks so real!

This image spooks!

Gotcha! Spotted one of the many “ghouls” who hides in the trees and pounces on passers-by in this unworldly trail. Sorry eh, I fired flash at him after he tried to frighten me. Else, it was really pitch dark and almost impossible to spot the ghastly “creatures”!

This ginormous “spider” gives me goosebumps. “It” stays high up and haunts the cave.

The twin sisters.

An eeeeerie baby doll in a crate.

A fearful girl was screaming frantically near me, begging the “ghouls” not to terrorize her.

We adjourned to the Gui Mansion at the Singapore Zoo that is just a few minutes walk from the Night Safari. The century-old Gui Mansion at the Haunted Village was once a residence of the Gui family. A serial killer massacred the entire household and the place became haunted.

Only a few can enter the Gui Mansion at a time so the queue can go pretty long. I’d suggest you head for the Gui Mansion first before other Halloween attractions. We waited for more than an hour for this hair-raising experience. No flash is allowed inside = no photo for you! Those in front of our queue were afraid to lead the way, so it ended up I became the first one to enter the ghost mansion. :S I had to flip the curtains and watch out for the “ghouls” while touring “hell”. It isn’t a big “mansion” yet horrifying screams filled the air.

Survival tips for the faint-hearted: Cover your ears like me. It helps!

The Haunted Village barber who is more than happy to pose an eerie shot with you. Beware of his scissors.

The Coffee Shop that serves real drinks to chill out after all the screams and frights in the Gui Mansion.

Be trigger happy with the “ghosts”. Don’t worry, none of them can lay a finger on you, they only intimidate you. I guess they are succumbed to visitors who might hit or push them away out of fright, and blind them with camera’s flash!

The flasher who let you see through him.

僵尸 … the stiff Chinese blood-sucking zombie that can only move around by hopping. Who removed the talisman from its forehead?

This little vampire bat has pointed finger nails that poke face.

The “black-white” hell ghost with a long tongue sticking out.


The dim sum dolly “steams” head.

Are you game for the Halloween Horrors at Night Safari? Log on to Night Safari Halloween Horrors Oct 2010 official website for the details and rates to enter the doomed gates of Night Safari.

Tips: Start off early with the Gui Mansion in Singapore Zoo first to beat the queue, follow by the popular Train of Terror in Night Safari and at your own risk, enter the Trail of the Undead.

When you think you’ve enough of horrifying moments, explore the rest of Night Safari to visit the nocturnal animals without the scary “ghouls” lurking in your path. Thereafter, when you feel that someone is watching over your shoulder, it can’t be the “ghouls” anymore…

“They” are waiting for you…