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This is the start point of the Min River (江). It’s a tributary of the upper Yangtze river (). There were a number of natives here (Tibetans or Qiang?), collecting money from tourists who want to stand next to the Min River milestone for a picture. We didn’t want to pay for that and stood a distance away to take the pictures instead. The natives were trying to sell us their handicrafts. They were not very happy when we didn’t pay them for taking pictures of the place and didn’t buy anything from them.

When we were about to leave, a native guy wanted to get a free ride on our tour bus. Our guide refused to do that, despite that the native was trying hard to persuade him to do so. The native was quite aggressive when he talked. After the native left our tour bus, our guide told us that it was not wise to let stranger up the bus, as there were incidents that some tourists’ belongings went missing after that. On the other hand, the guide must be tactful when communicating with the natives, so that he will not have any problem returning to the natives’ ground with another tour group in the future!

This is a small town in Sichuan, after about three hours of ride from the high mountain where the Min River starts. There are a few stalls selling winter clothes, fur products and handicrafts. We bought some cold wear from the stalls after much haggling, yet, was not the best bargain as compared to those selling in the city area.

Young children selling accessories .

Children with rose red cheeks.

The Tibetans folk arts performance!