Update! 1 Oct 2009: I could feel earthquake tremor again at 9.55am Singapore time! This time it was a slight tremor for a few seconds only. “Goosebump” moment again…

30 Sep 2009

OMG! I felt earthquake tremor at home again in Singapore just a while ago around 6.15 pm! This time I could feel that it was a heavy earthquake! I managed to take a video of it. Do you know how it feel when I tried to focus on the crystal lamp that was swaying above me? It was a terrible feeling! I felt really giddy while taking the video. The tremor lasted for quite long and I began to get nervous! I was wondering if the building I’m staying in would collapse! Touch wood!!! Really terrible feeling… and feel sad ‘cos for sure, I know many people will lose their lives and homes.

I took a video of my swaying crystal lamp during the earthquake tremor. The video ended when the tremor stopped. So I think the tremor lasted for about 2mins.

Add+: Guess what? This video was shown on Channel U News on the very night. Ha!

Sad news: It’s a powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake off Sumatra, Indonesia and triggered a massive South Pacific Tsunami.

A tsunami warning was initially issued after the quake but later withdrawn. – CNA/vm

p.s: I was complaining of how bad the air quality is now just before the earthquake tremor was felt. The air quality PSI measures 64 today. “Opacity” = 80% !!!


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