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Hmm… I was a bystander and don’t know much about this spiritual ritual. It involves a man who appears to be possessed spiritually and behaves like a child, sucking a pacifier. Also, another person (a Taoist devotee?) performing the ritual will spank the ground several times with a long whip, giving out loud cracking sound.

A lady offered the “possessed” man a packet of sweets. Skittles?

Maybe the bridge-like structure was for the child-like man to cross. I didn’t stay long enough to witness the whole process. The devotees had to take off their shoes to stand within the area where the ceremonial ritual was performed.

The devotee donning red robe was blowing an instrument during the ritual.

The “possessed” man was constantly swaying and moving.

A small stage nearby was performing Chinese Puppet show. Apparently, the Puppet show was for ceremonial and religious purposes. Can you see the two actors behind the puppets? The ladies were manipulating the puppets while role-playing the characters.

The stage front of the small scale Chinese Puppet show.

Meet the puppet troupe behind the stage. Some of them were playing Chinese musical instruments like the Erhu.