My interview for Clickability was shown on Channel NewsAsia yesterday. This episode is about travellers who are constantly looking for updates and bargains, and for hotels and airlines who recognize the benefits of new media.

I was very nervous during the interview! Thanks to the production team from Oak3 Film! As mentioned in Clickability episode 10, below are some of the tools that I may use to do research on the travel destination, apart from searching through blogs and comments on travel related social networks.

  • Wikitravel – this is a travel related wikipedia which contains huge collection of user-generated travel guides across the world, covering topics such as foods, hotels, events, tips and safety.
  • TripAdvisors – I will do research on accommodations using TripAdvisors. It consists of reviews of accommodations from people and usually, it gives me an idea of how good or bad the hotels are.
  • SeatGuru – If you are travelling on long haul flight, checkout Seat Guru. It offers the map of your plane so that you can find the best seat on your flight, especially those who would like an extra leg room, or if you prefer a double seat etc, or even whether there is an electrical outlet.
  • TripIt (mobile app) – Use TripIt to keep track of travel details. It’s especially useful for transit flights. I use it to keep track of my flight details, and it will alert me when it is time to board the plane.

And these are the apps that I may use during travel:

  • Google Map / Map related apps – We want to cover the attractions as much as possible with limited time. Mark the attractions or the places to visit on Google Maps so that we can easily navigate around the place.
  • Lonely Planet (mobile app) or other travel guide related apps – Instead of carrying a thick travel guide book, you can download the entire travel guide on mobile phone, usually at a third of the price of the book.
  • Facebook / Twitter / FourSquare / Skype / InstaGram – These are the apps to connect with friends back home or the locals. I constantly update and check in my location on FourSquare, and read feedbacks about the establishments shared by other Foursquare users. By using Facebook / Twitter, it is a cost effective way to communicate with friends and family back home via online updates, without paying expensive phone bills. Picture speaks a thousand words, I take photos with my mobile phone and upload it instantly to Facebook to share with my friends.

About Clickability & Channel NewsAsia

Clickability is a 10 part television documentary series that showcases businesses and professionals on how to apply new media to their businesses’ advantage in the digital age. It is aired on Channel NewsAsia that is viewed in 24 territories across Asia; covering the Middle East, North-East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia.