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When Duglass (our Sydney guide) asked where I would like to go on that Sunday afternoon after sending off Alvin to the airport, I said I would just hang out where the locals go during the weekends. So she suggested having fish and chips and chill out at Watsons Bay.

We took a cab from the airport and dropped off nearby the prominent Macquarie Lighthouse at Dunbar Head near the Sydney Harbour.

Built in sandstone, the Macquarie Lighthouse is the first and longest operating navigational light in Australia. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful lighthouses I’ve seen so we spent some time hanging around there to camwhore!

Duglass left her camera set to self-timer for this snapshot in front of Macquarie Lighthouse. Love it, though the top of the lighthouse was missing in the photo.

More camwhore taken by HTC EVO 3D.

Then we left the Macquarie Lighthouse and enjoyed the breezy walk along the coastline facing the deep blue Tasman Sea.

The white Macquarie Lighthouse from afar.

We spent a relaxing afternoon strolling along Watsons Bay, soaking up the serenity and had lunch + my daily dose of cappuccino. To the east, Watsons Bay offers a sweeping view of the Tasman Sea; on the other side of the bay, it’s the breathtaking view of Sydney city skyline.

A walking path at Watsons Bay.

Photo by Duglass. I love Watsons Bay. It’s so picturesque yet not touristy.

Cliff face and lapping waves.

Using the front camera on the HTC EVO 3D smartphone for a memorable shot with Duglass.

Walking towards the beach.

Lovely view of the sea with boats near the wharf. Established since 1788, Watsons Bay is the oldest fishing village in the country.

The restaurants at the beachfront are well patronized. Doyles Restaurant is famous for fish and chip; the Australian seafood restaurant started operation since 1885 for over 5 generations.

After all the walking from Macquarie Lighthouse to Watsons Bay, here’s my lunch, the famous fish and chips from Doyles. Many people were queuing up for this and we had to take a queue no. to wait for the food.

Photo by Duglass. At the beachfront with Sydney skyline looming over the horizon.

That’s my HTC EVO 3D. I was trying the front camera. Nice shot by Duglass.

The famous Sydney skyline. Could you spot the Sydney Tower?

We were lucky to get such clear weather that day at the beach.

Duglass took so many nice shots of me, so I returned the favour.

A reflection of myself on Duglass’s sunnies.

It was time to get back to the city centre and we decided to take the ferry ride instead. The ferry departs frequently from Watsons Bay to Circular Quay. Sydney Ferries info >>

Boarding the ferry

Taking in the scenic view from the ferry.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. We were back to Circular Quay from Watsons Bay.

Stay tuned for more updates on our HTC Sydney Escapade! In the meantime, check out Asiaone microsite to pick your favourite photos taken by Willy, Alvin and I, cast your vote and win HTC EVO 3D phones worth S$895 each!