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For safety reasons, parents know that they have to be watchful of their children while exploring the zoo. Somehow, it seems like some adults need “special attention” too, in case they behave like this woman who jumped into the enclosure and “initially appeared to be elated as she swam towards a bear” during the bears’ feeding time last month at Berlin Zoo.


The woman was bitten several times on her arms and legs but luckily for her, this 32-year-old woman managed to escape death.

Last Nov, a 20-year-old man climbed into the pen of a panda in China and tried to hug the panda cos he thought it was very cute. But the frightened panda bit his arms and legs and he had to be rescued by the keepers.

Caution: Bears may look cuddly and friendly, but they are not TEDDY BEARS. =_=

Do you know that one of the two polar bears at the Singapore Zoo is Singaporean? In fact, the 18-year-old named Inuka is the first polar bear born in the tropics. His mother’s name is Sheba. Both bears were embroiled in controversy because they are kept in a hot equatorial climate.

Acres (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) has done studies showing that both the polar bears are living in a stressful environment, displaying behavioural and physical signs of distress. The unsuitable climate has previously caused algae growth in the fur of both bears.

The Singapore Zoo said the bears were kept in good conditions. However, it will not import anymore animals from the Artic as it is planning to become a rainforest themed zoo.

Polar bears are endangered species of the Arctic, with thick coat and thick layer of body fat to insulate themselves in the cold. As a physiological reaction to the tropical climate, the Singapore Zoo polar bears have a thinner coat.

“If you do not see the polar bears, they are resting inside their air-conditioned den.”

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