By far, this is the best snorkeling experience in my life! Komodo National Park is not only notable as the natural habitat for the endangered Komodo dragons, it has an amazing underwater scenery so awe-inspiring that, in my opinion, no world-class oceanarium can rival. It’s a bliss that we are living in the tropics of pristine coral reefs and beautiful islands of crystal clear waters.

Komodo island isn’t all about the mean, ferocious dragons that spurt no fire, on the other side of the island where we followed the Loh Liang Walking Trails to see komodos, lies the Pink Beach.

Are you sure the komodos never come to this side of the island??” Yes, they say so! The Pink Beach is so famous it’s a must-visit for Komodo National Park visitors. Even my Indonesian friends who dive all over Indonesia agree that their best snorkelling experience is at the Pink Beach.

A rich diversity of healthy-looking, colourful corals and fish are found so close to the shore of the Pink Beach, we can snorkel near the beach to explore the stunning underwater world. Just be careful not to step on the corals!

In less than 50 metres from the Pink Beach, it’s a dive site. Komodo National Park is home to 38 dive sites, some of the top dive sites in the world. The marine environment is home to manta rays, whale sharks, different species of dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles, some 260 species of reef-building coral and over 1,000 species of fish.

The Pink Beach got its name from broken fragments of red corals that are washed ashore on the white powdery beach, thus, the soft pink colour. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

I don’t have a camera for underwater photography so I tried to capture the beauty of the colourful corals from the boat with my iPhone! There are many species of fish in the water that are not shown in the photos.

A rich diversity of strikingly beautiful corals.

Thanks to the organiser of the trip, Bule took these underwater shots of me at the Pink Beach.

The Pink Beach on Komodo island, the other side without the Komodo Dragons!

Can you see that the coral reefs are so close to the Pink Beach?

Glistening clear waters so calm like your own private pool.

There is not jetty at the Pink Beach and we have to take a small boat back to the larger boat.

Kanawa island is one of the diving and snorkelling sites that we visited on our first day at Komodo National Park.

The island is small but picturesque and the photos remind me of Eilat and the Red Sea in Israel.

Beautiful sunset at Komodo National Park.

For two nights, we stayed at Laprima Hotel located on the idyllic beachfront of Labuan Bajo. My room balcony overlooks the mesmerizing surroundings of Flores and it’s a great spot to watch the sunset.

View of the beautiful Flores Sea from the balcony.

Sunset at Flores.

Another view of sunset from my room balcony at Laprima Hotel.

We spent two days (too short!) at Komodo National Park. Now it’s one of my top favourites and I want to go back again soon to trek, snorkel and relax on the islands with only few tourists around.

An aerial photo of Komodo National Park.

Our last leg of the 14-day International Travel Blogger Trip with Tourism Indonesia ended in Bali. We departed from Labuan Bajo airport via Transnusa to Bali.

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