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South Koreans often say “Kimchi” when taking photos, just like we say “cheese” to get this face -> :)

The most popular type of kimchi is the chinese cabbage type, fermented with seasonings. The taste is spicy and sour. Many non-Koreans (like me!) like kimchi, but some just don’t like it.

In the past, women of high social backgrounds and Kisaeng female entertainers (like Japan Geisha) wore gache – a big wig. A gache with its decorations can weigh about 4 kg! No wonder this babe here looks a little sulky.

Making a new gache wig for a new daughter-in-law may take up several years for some families. According to a record, there is a sad incident where a young 13 year old bride wearing a heavy gache wig broke her neck as she was getting up to greet her father-in-law.

The hanbok girls were faking a tea session.

Some interesting facts about Traditional Korean clothing, or hanbok: it is often presented in vibrant colours and simple lines without pockets. Hanbok are classified into everyday dress, ceremonial dress and special dress. On formal occasions, you may see that ceremonial dresses are worn on child’s first birthday, a wedding or even a funeral.

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