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Wee Lai’s traveling experience onboard the Bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto in Japan during winter 2007:

Much excitement was aroused prior on board since I was hoping on the legendary bullet train (which is also know as Shinkansen) –which is one of the fastest trains in the world. My tour guide informed us that the journey on bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto takes only a mere 15 minutes, as compared to an hour road trip.

At the beginning, a slight disappointment set in when I realized that I was not taking a roller coaster ride after all; you wouldn’t feel a rush of adrenaline just by taking this train. The speed of picking up is rather normal, like our usual MRT in Singapore, after which the sceneries changes more rapidly. When the bullet train rides at its full speed, it will finally be too dazzling to glance outside the window. It’s a perfect moment to divert your attention for a small chat with the person sitting beside you.