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That day, I lost my way in the rainforest. To the shock of my life, I saw a leopard. There was nothing I could do. The first instinct was to hide myself behind some bushes. But alas! The beast spotted me, glaring deep into my eyes.

My jelly legs couldn’t move at all as the leopard advanced towards me.

Thank goodness, the leopard turned away as I flashed him with my Ixus!!! I was safe… so here I am, still alive and kicking, and blogging my time away!

It’s a shame that I always thought a leopard is a cheetah. Now I know they are different. The most obvious difference between the two is their fur. The spots on a cheetah’s fur are solid black. The spots on a leopard has rosette pattern.

Do you know that the Malay word “buaya”, which means crocodile, also has a local derogatory slang term for a skirt chaser?

The long-nosed monkey – Proboscis monkey.

Trivia: Does polar bear eat penguin? (Answer is shown below this pic.)

Ans: A polar bear has probably never seen a penguin before! Polar bears are indigenous to the Arctic and penguins are indigenous to the Antarctic regions.

Perhaps, our tropical polar bears have seen one before. :D

The mighty Komodo dragon.

The Guanaco. Its fiber is found in luxury fabric.

The Snapping Turtle, an aggressive critter that snaps at the speed of lightning with an audible crunch.

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