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Around 3plus, we took a 30-min train ride to Château de Versailles, which is located in the suburb of Paris. It is a very grand palace, with a very big garden.


The last night in Paris. After a few days of having meagre meals on prudent spending, it was time for us to try out the authentic French cuisine. We read that restaurants in a non English-speaking country that have a lot of English descriptions on the signboards and menus are normally more expensive as they are frequent by tourists. We walked along the streets in the old city, looking for a French restaurant with little English words, yet readable, and hoping to spot a menu with affordable prices.

Fortunately, just before we dropped “dead” of hunger, we found this friendly French restaurant. We were welcomed with “Bonjour!” and “Bon Appétit!” when the food arrived. We had a candle-light dinner, but the food was never enough. We ordered duck meat, salmon, and crepes, but it was the typical fine cuisine that could never satisfy the appetite of starving travellers like us.

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