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Are you watching the Summer Games now? Did you watch the grand opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games? It’s simply extraordinary; even though I watched the ceremony on TV, I’d say it’s AMAZING!

Thankfully, there are huge collections of fabulous photos taken from the “Bird’s Nest” stadium last night, some are so fascinating that I wanted to post them here to share with everyone!

The “Historical Footprints” fireworks were awesome! We didn’t expect anything like this. The “Footprints” started the first scene over Yongdingmen, southernmost of Beijing city’s central axis, creating a 300 metres long footprint. (In my previous post, I mentioned about the north-south Imperial Axis.)

The illuminated Olympic rings surprised us when they were lifted from the ground, it was like hologram!

The great drummers.

People walking seamlessly around this humongous sphere.

The Chinese showcasing the great inventions of ancient China.

Everybody goes Kungfu fighting. Don’t mess with these Chinese!

Throughout the whole opening ceremony, bangs and flashes were seen in the sky; the fireworks were amazinging, just awe-inspiring!!

The “Water Cube” facing the “Bird’s Nest” with fireworks emanating from itself.

Rounds and rounds of spectacular firework displays that could be seen anywhere in Beijing.

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Did you notice something? We hardly (in fact, didn’t) spot a single Fuwa – the 5 Beijing Olympic Mascots at the opening ceremony. Are the Fuwa mascots a taboo now, as it’s widely spread that all 5 Fuwa mascots are superstitiously linked to the recent misfortunes in China? Nonetheless, I like the Fuwa, they are really adorable.

Happy 43th National Day Singapore!

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