What is on your travel wishlist that you want to see badly?

I wish I could witness glacier calving someday. I hope to see the northern lights. I want to
go whale watching!

It sounds like an exotic experience for me but I got no idea how to fulfill that dream. While
googling, I may just have found the perfect way to capture all these moments- a trip
to Glacier Bay National Park in one of the least populated regions on the planet- Alaska, in the

Glacier Bay National Park is important for scientific research of glaciers. As a result of global
warming, most scientists speculate that by 2050, Glacier Bay will become Glacier-less Bay. Sad to
say, that’s only about 40 years later from now! What else could stop me from embarking on this
expedition at least once in a lifetime?

There are no roads to Glacier Bay. Most visitors go there by large cruise ships. With snow-capped
lofty peaks and glistening icebergs at the backdrop, a cruise along the coastline of Alaska must be
truly a memorable and spectacular one. I’ve never taken a holiday cruise before, and now for sure, my
dream cruise is to Glacier Bay!


Besides watching huge chunks of ice break off the glaciers and crash into the icy water, my dream
cruise along Glacier Bay should also offer the services of glacier trekking! As opposed to just
appreciating the spectacular view from the cruise ship, imagine you can get out and walk on the
blue ice, explore the fascinating ice formations and really see a glacier up close. Also, not forgetting
that you can take loads of great pictures!


I saw wild dolphins swimming alongside our boat when we were in Australia. But I’ve not seen a
humongous humpback whale before in the wild, not to mention watching it performing acrobatic
breaches and crashing back into the water with a resounding splash! My dream cruise in Glacier Bay
should also include a whale-watching trip! Of course, I don’t think I’ll get enough of just that
(being greedy me!). With the vast diversity of wildlife that the park can offer, it would be
delightful to watch the sea lions, puffins, seals, mountain goats, wolves, and even grizzly bears
feasting on wild salmons.


After a sumptuous dinner on the cruise, the day shall not just end like that. My dream cruise will
bring us to observe one of nature’s most spectacular visual phenomena – the colourful Aurora
Borealis display, or the Northern Lights, pulsating and swirling in the Alaska sky!


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