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We had our farewell dinner at a Thai restaurant with the lovely Singaporean friends in Munich. First time I smelled RICE after more than two weeks of stay in Europe!!! At the moment, we felt so blessed with RICE!!! Of course, it was a good Asian dinner with plates of RICE!!!

Our Munich friend had reminded us to be mindful with our belongings in Prague. He had encountered a bad experience when travelling in Prague with his girlfriend. His camera and bag were stolen when a man stood near him and flipped his coat, and like magic, the things were gone with the thief. The most disheartening part was, all the photos taken throughout the Europe tour were gone too! Another point was that the policemen might not help even if the tourist is being robbed, as tourists are supposed to be richer than the robbers!

We also heard that a lady was being pushed in the train by a few men, and just before the door closed, the men left in a hurry, leaving the zipper of her haversack opened and her wallet was gone.

The following day was a long journey for us to Prague, with a two connecting train rides in Austria.

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