Camping in Florence!

We stayed at Michelangelo Campsite , the cheapest stay in our trip, only around €10 per night. per person. There were no light and electricity in the tent, only two single bed. We used our mini torch to shine at our bags to get clothes for bathing. The bathrooms were some distance away from […]

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Florence is a great beauty

The next morning, we headed to Ponte Vecchio. Our tents were nestled among the olive trees in the campsite.

On the hill overlooking Florence in the daylight is mysteriously enchanting; it was like being brought back by a time machine to centuries ago.

We passed by Piazza Michelangelo, a statue of David on the hill on […]

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The String Puppet Trickster

We walked along the historic buildings and naively believed in a trickster who looked like a South American. He showed us that by waving the paper doll in front of the speaker, the paper doll would dance. Seeing is believing, but not always! We tried to spot the trick; we tried to see if […]

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