I wanted to blog about this important Chinese festival – Dongzhi (冬至) festival which falls on 21 Dec this year and have been wondering who did a post on Dongzhi and is really surprised to see such a lovely post from none other than our regular visitor – peteformation , the foodie from Malaysia.

Dongzhi or Winter Solstice Festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and other East Asians. There is a saying that goes “Dongzhi is more important than Chinese New Year.” Dongzhi festival is a time when family gets together when the sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest, and farmers stop working due to coldness when winter starts. Families make and eat Tangyuan (), rice balls that are made of glutinuous rice flour and are usually colourful. These rice balls symbolize reunion. They can be plain or stuffed and are cooked in sweet soup.

These are photos of colourful uncooked Tangyuan taken by peteformation. Mind you, these are not artificial colourings but natural colours obtained from fresh dragon fruit juice, pandan leaves and sweet potatoes!

Christmas is coming, then we welcome New Year 2009. For the Chinese, it’s Chinese New Year on 26 Jan 2009! So you bet I will share with you many photos of Chinese New Year too!