The dinosaurs are still alive! At least it seems to be so at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Thanks to SuperAdrianMe, we got the tickets to travel back million years in time, Walking with Dinosaurs!

We were seated at the North gate, B05, Row 33, Seat 5/6. That’s under Category 3 and a ticket costs S$68 (off peak). The photos and vids were taken from that perspective.

Step back in time to see the life-size dinosaurs roam the earth… watch out for the dinosaurs’ footprints at the arena!

Plateosaurus – the giant herbivore was the largest land animal during the Trassic period.

T-Rex attack!

Hear the T-Rex roarrr!

T-Rex mama and baby T-Rex.

Torosaurus had the largest skull of any terrestrial animal. The two fought and one of them suffered a broken horn!

Utahraptors, the light-built carnivores.


Ornithocherius, one of the largest flying creatures of all time.


Baby T-Rex bid au revoir!