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Kelly shares her experience and photos taken from Tokyo Disneyland during her Japan trip in winter 2007. Christmas was around the corner in Disneyland:

Tokyo Disney was the first Disney Park built outside of the United States. It is now the fourth-most visited Disneyland park in the world, behind the American and European sister parks, the Magic Kingdom Orlando, Disneyland Anaheim and Disneyland Paris. (Eunice also visited Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, USA!)

I remembered when I was in Tokyo Disney, Mickey and Minnie spoke in Japanese…they sound so funny to me!

The iconic Cinderella Castle in Disneyland. Top left: Watt Disney and his Disney’s alter ego – Mickey Mouse.

Minnie’s pinky house, it’s so lovely!

Mickey’s house.

It’s all about Mickey’s head!!

Lilo & Stitch!

One of the seven dwarfs, cool dude!

Winnie the Pooh decorating the Christmas tree, getting ready for the festive season in Tokyo Disneyland!

Celebration of Christmas in Disneyland, with the Disney’s family.

Fanciful lightings around fascinating castles, christmas trees and … Mickey’s head again!

My lovely Disney Prizes!

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