Universal Studios Orlando

Going Orlando!

The tour bus sent us to Buffalo Niagara International Airport. We were finally on our own, free and easy with hotel stay and transfers which were included in the tour package, plus 2-day tickets to Disneyland theme parks and 1-day tickets to Universal Studios theme parks. […]

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Universal Studios Orlando – Islands of Adventure

It was freaking hot and we didn’t bring any shades for the summer tour. We managed to buy two caps for ourselves at the nearby 24-hour shop. Warren reminded us that there would be security at the park entrance and we need to queue up for security check if we brought along any bags. […]

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Universal Studios Orlando

We had tons of fun in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!
Universal Studios is separated into six different areas: San Francisco/Amity, New York, Production Central, Hollywood, Kidzone and World Expo.

We watched Terminator 2, a 3-D interactive experience in stationary seating. The real terminator literally rode on a Harley Davidson; live-action stunts, special effects, and […]

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