As mentioned earlier on F1 Night Race Qualifying Rounds, I was given a pair of “Walkabout” tickets in the afternoon to catch the 2nd day of the Night Race. Pretty lucky to get this chance as it was the first time I watched F1 ‘live’ at Marina Circuit Park. During Singapore’s inaugural F1 Night Race last year, I was in Penang.

I know nuts about F1 but the atmosphere was highly charged with excitement and very uplifting for me! The moment we stepped out of City Hall MRT station, we were already stunned by the very loud piercing noises of the racing cars speeding around the city. Luckily we brought ear plugs along.


The Porsche sports cars were racing for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia when we arrived at the Circuit Park. I had never seen cars speeding at such high speed in front of my eyes before. You don’t see cars travelling at super fast speed on public roads, do you?? At least not in Singapore.


Flamboyant Porsche racing through the 5.07km street course in the heart of Singapore.


Team StarChase driver Christian Menzel of Germany is the Winner of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. Briton Tim Sugden of GruppeM Racing came in second. The third quickest was Team Jebsen driver Darryl O’Young from Hong Kong.


There were some events happening in the Circuit Park during the race intervals. Herbert’s Dream was exceptionally popular with the spectators at Padang. The performers were walking on stilts and they could inflate themselves (inflate themselves??) and swell up like the Marshmallow Man in Ghostbuster! The lady on the phone had been walking around the performers and blocking camera shots, and the tall guy tried to shoo her off.


See! Giant Marshmallow men walking in line. Many people tried to hug them. I felt like pushing them to see if they would fall like bowling pins. Or maybe I could be bounced back and hit the ground. LOL


The night scene at Padang, with the old Supreme Court – the last classical architecture building built on the former British colony and the new Supreme Court (like spaceship!) in the background.


Just trying to “prove” that I was at the F1 Night Race… :S It was a very hot and humid night!


The Fire Marshals on duty at the Grand Prix. What a profession, to be able to watch world class racers whizzing past them.

I’ve done a post on Formula One race cars galore taken during the F1 Qualifying Rounds. Check it out!

*Envy* the spectators sitting high up on the grand stand!


There was a crash.. and the officer was waving the red flag.

With such loud piercing noises from the F1 race cars dashing past the crowd, how could this little boy still doze off?


Cute angel.



Thanks to my other half who took all these night shots while I was busily trying to capture the racers zooming past with a normal digicam.


It’s a durian… trust me.


The Swissotel overlooks the F1 Circuit, so apparently, many fans booked the rooms and watched the Night Race from the hotel room balconies. Is it a good deal??


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