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We woke up early in the morning freezing due the cold mountain air that had crept in through the windows that we had left ajar for ventilation, we thought. Shut the windows tightly and went back to sleep. The next morning, I found yellowish powder scattered all over our clothes that we hung out to dry in the open air at the balcony. We were puzzled and later we found out that the it was spring-summer pollen season. The yellowish powder was pollen.

To get to the nearest train station from our resort, we had to walk all the way down the mountain slope to the town at the valley, and by the time we reached the train station, we almost burnt out. We met a friendly English couple at the train station and had a small chat with them. They had been to Singapore before and found it interesting to see hawker centres selling many kind of food. They even asked what is our staple food which we said is rice. We asked them back this question and they replied, “We eat potatoes…”  ^_^”

Salzburg is famous for its baroque architecture. It is also the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the famous landmarks for The Sound of Music. We bought ourselves a Salzburg card each and it was worth the price we paid for, since we got free admission to all city’s attractions and free use of public transport throughout the city too. I would say it’s a must-to-have card to explore Salzburg. To pay an extra more, one can buy a Swatch “Access” wristwatch to keep and enjoy the same privileges too.

Here, we ate a very, very saltish pretzel, with big rough salt sprinkled on it. From the Hohensalzburg Fortress museum, you can see the great view of the well-preserved baroque city – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A cemetery in Salzburg

It was drizzling the whole day, and it almost spoilt the trip. While we were walking clumsily under the rain to Mozart’s birthplace and residence, we came across this souvenir shop with full of Easter eggs, and Easter eggs hanging on trees!

At Mozart’s museum, we saw some of Mozart’s precious relics, such as the violin that he used to play as a child, his piano and also some paintings of Mozart.

We took a bus to Schloss Hellbrunn to visit the palace and the famous trick fountains. We were required to join a guided tour in this palace, and the guided tour was in German! We were the only two Asians in the group and couldn’t understand a single word during the tour.

We proceed to the famous trick fountains where features like the stone table could spray water around the guests on the stone seats. Couldn’t escape this, we were sprayed by the trick fountains. Be prepared to get wet or carry an umbrella along.

It was late evening and our bus was scheduled to arrive soon. We had to catch the bus so that we could be early for our train back to Schladming. We left the tour early but we could not open the exit gate. We asked the guide for help and she denied our request. We had no choice but to wait for the tour to end before we could leave. It was a strange arrangement for visitors. Fortunately, we made it just in time for our bus.

I cooked dinner at the resort. It was a simple dish with fish fillets and just tasted funny with the butter that was used as a replacement for cooking oil.

Budget Cooking Recipe:

Step 1: Boil corn.
Step 2: Simmer long beans, tomato and peas in tomato sauce.
Step 3: Beat 2 eggs and add shredded mushrooms. Add salt and pepper.
Step 4: Add butter. Scramble whisked eggs in a pan.
Step 5: Shallow fry fish fillets and sausages.

The world largest giant ice caves in Werfen!