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This is a memorial park for the Red Army (am I right?) in Sichuan. Everywhere was snow in this park.

Our guide told us that highland natives have the distinctive red rosy cheeks and they are partly due to over exposure under the sun in the coldness, so not realizing that they got sun burnt. They don’t use sun block like us, and there is a saying that complexion of eighteen years old ladies appear like forty years old women. On the other hand, research shows that Tibetans living at high altitudes have 10 times more nitric oxide and it causes dilation of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely and aids the release of oxygen to tissues.

A man was selling gem stones accessories at a very cheap price. Most of the items were around RMB 1. Our tour guide was waiting for us at the gate.

Out of the memorial park, somewhere nearby…

The 5* Jiuzhai Paradise hotel in Jiuzhaigou!