Mekong Delta Day Cruise

We embarked on a full-day Mekong Delta trip from 8 a.m to 7 p.m. The tour actually ended at 3p.m but it took us three to four hours of journey back to our hotel. This one day Mekong Delta trip from My Tho to Ben Tre, including a lunch, cost USD 17 per person.

We boarded a medium-sized wooden boat to take a cruise from Saigon River to Mekong Delta. It was a long cruise for about two hours… and I had taken a number of photos along the river.


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Mekong Delta Tour

I had never hopped onto so many boats in a day before! We had a boat ride along the river. Our small “gondola” nearly capsized when my friend jumped into the boat out of panic that she might miss the boat. So, remember, don’t jump into the rocky boat. :D Also, remember to apply insect repellent. I got bitten by mosquitoes while cruising. We were given a typical Vietnamese straw hat during the cruise, and I was given one that was soaked with someone else’s sweat, yuck!

Getting ready to hop onto our “gondola” ride.

No one wanted to order this famous local cuisine in Mekong Delta – Fried Elephant Ear fish. To eat them, […]

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