Taiwan trip 2013

Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 4)

Continuing from Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 3), here is the itinerary of a relaxing 2-day tour, a brief introduction of Tainan. Also known as the ‘Phoenix City’ in the south, Tainan is one of Taiwan’s oldest cities with a plethora of historic monuments, natural attractions in the Siraya National Scenic Area, picturesque reservoirs, mud […]

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Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 3)

Continuing from Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 2), here is the itinerary of our 3-day tour in Nantou, a landlocked county of picturesque mountain range and remarkable tourist destinations like Sun Moon Lake, Sitou and Cingjing Farm.

One of the most convenient, comfortable and economical way of travelling around the island is by Taiwan High Speed […]

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Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 2)

Continuing from Taiwan Trip 2013 (Part 1) …

Every year, millions of locals and tourists flock to the world-famous Taiwan Lantern Festival for a visual feast of intricately made artistic lanterns, a spectacular showcase of Taiwan’s unique flair in lantern making. This year, the 15-day event was held in Hsinchu County – the cultural centre […]

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Taiwan Trip 2013 (part 1)

Taiwan is a really popular destination with Singaporeans. Almost every other month, I have friends planning to go there for holidays! The tourist haven is best known for its breathtaking coastal line, verdant landscapes, gourmet and shopping paradise. And Taiwanese are generally polite, friendly and helpful to tourists.

We had a blast in Taiwan and […]

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