Night Safari

I survived Night Safari Halloween Horrors

IMPORTANT! Read this before you scroll down the page. This post contains chilling images that  some viewers may find it unpleasant, especially when you are alone now, staring at this screen in the middle of the night.

You’ve been warned! Even I had a hard time editing this unusual post, hearing strange noises and having […]

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The Dark Side of Singapore

You suppose Singapore is a concrete jungle city, sprouted with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. When dusk falls, streets are well-lit, clean and safe. The city is never too dark to explore. So, what’s so “dark” about this sunny island? Wait till you embark on the journey into the deep tropical forest in Mandai you’ll know.

Look, something is crossing our path in the dark. What’s the big deal? Stray cats are seen everywhere on the island. But hey? Cat? How could it be that big?! I heard someone saying “it’s a fishing cat, silly.”

Further down the trail, it seems like cats are getting bigger. What?! They’ve leopard spots?! Dumb lines.

You hear the hyena laughing and the stealthy leopard stalking you. Sensing someone looking over your shoulder, you turn around and notice a pair of glowing eyes. An icy chill run down your spine in the warm night. The beast is only a few metres away, stretching its muscles and getting ready to pounce on you! […]

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