F1 Night Race Qualifying Rounds

Miracles do happen at times. I was telling everyone I would be going to mingle outside the F1 tracks just to “hear” F1 without a ticket. Thankfully, my cousin called me in the following afternoon to offer me a pair of F1 tickets for Saturday’s Grand Prix qualifying rounds! Wow! First it was the […]

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F1 Rocks!!! [1/3]

The world’s only F1 Night Race has begun in Singapore since last night. Tonight is the qualifying rounds and tomorrow is the final race. I want to watch F1!!! Yay can only watch it ‘live’ on TV. My friend told me they could catch glimpses of the F1 race at Marina Bay Square last […]

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Singapore Formula One Night Race

Updated on 27 Sept 2009 >> F1 Singapore Grand Prix Race Cars Photos

Managed to catch a glimpse of the inaugural F1 Singapore Grand Prix on TV while I am still in Malaysia! It’s Singapore’s First Grand Prix and the world’s first night race in F1 history. So cool to see the drivers racing against […]

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