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2 more days!

2 more days to Christmas, means another 9 more days to a brand new year! How time flies… Another set of X’mas pics taken from Orchard road to Somerset, Singapore. Should be the last set for Orchard road, if I didn’t go there again to take more pics. However, I still have many X’mas photos taken from elsewhere and will publish them soon!

The Sweet Family is here again, somewhere along the roadside.

“Have a white christmas” with Mr Condom. =P He says it loud at Orchard road.

House of Condom with a variety of adult toy collection at Lucky Plaza, Orchard road, strictly for 21 and above. […]

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More Christmas Pics from Singapore

Only 4 more days to Christmas! After showing you some Christmas pictures on Christmas Spectacular and A Sweet Christmas in the Tropics, here are more images taken from Orchard Road in Singapore.

Just outside The Paragon, you’ll see this charming Christmas tree beautifully decorated with mannequins.

See, the whole stretch of Orchard road is brilliantly lighted up, turning it into a magical fairyland.

I wonder if this humongous Christmas tree at Takashimaya Shopping Centre is the largest in Singapore. Even the Christmas ornaments hanging on it are very big.

Everywhere is swamped with shoppers buying X’mas gifts. […]

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A Sweet Christmas in the Tropics

More Christmas pictures taken from Orchard road, the most beautifully decorated shopping area in Singapore during the festive season 2008. This is the second part of the series following Christmas Spectacular.

It’s a rotating Christmas tree outside Wheelock place, a rendezvous for the fashionable and trendy in Orchard Road.

The theme for Christmas 2008 in Singapore revolves around the Sweet Family in the tropics. There are colourful lollipops, cupcake-houses, ribbons, sweets and of course, cute members of the Sweet Family.

Merry Christmas from the Sweets! And from Travelerfolio! ^^ And from funny blog IeatMushroom!

The whole stretch of Orchard road is beautifully lighted up with colourful Christmas decorations.

The traffic is heavy…

and look at the crowd! There are soooo many people!

We have entered into a cartoon world. I want to eat cupcakes!

So many people around taking pictures. It’s so hard to walk any closer and take a pic without anyone […]

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Christmas Spectacular

The night at downtown Orchard road in Singapore is lighted up with impressive and colourful Christmas lighting display! The place is swamped with tourists and locals, both hanging around to take pictures.

Picture of these cute rotating X’mas characters taken outside Shaw House.

The Shaw House, with cinemas, eateries and boutiques.

When you visit Singapore during Christmas season, come down to Orchard road to soak up the festive atmosphere. (Now I got a bit irritated when I saw ERP (charge-drivers electronic gantry) in the background!)

These adorable angels who are distributing sweets outside Tangs Department Store become popular with photographers.

Nice! I like this beautiful walkway with “cottages” selling Christmas stuffs outside Tangs!


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Ho-Ho-Hoo! Christmas is coming!

Are you in the holiday mood now? Time flies, we are going to say goodbye to 2008 in less than a month!  Christmas is around the corner, the town is elaborately decorated with impressive Christmas lights, lanterns, huge Christmas trees, and shopping malls are now swarmed with happy shoppers busily buying Christmas gifts, ornaments, new year clothes, bags and bags of everything. Yes, we are now in recession, but people still love to celebrate the festive seasons. After all, it’s a yearly affair.

I just realised the big Christmas tree below resembles Louis Vuitton monogram design hehe.

It’s usually the case that when I decide to go for outdoor shooting in Singapore, it rains. So I have not taken much Christmas photos at downtown yet. These are just some pictures taken from Raffles City (Singapore) to kick start the series of upcoming X’mas posts.

A huge toy soldier holding a candy stick.

A funny-looking bed for the exhausted shoppers… yeah maybe…

Not only the downtown is filled with Christmas decorations, neighbourhood malls are beautifully decorated too. Pics below are taken from Causeway Point at Woodlands, the border of Singapore just across Peninsular Malaysia.

Ecuador buskers playing their tribal music outside Causeway Point. Now suddenly I remember I have not […]

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Singapore Formula One Night Race

Updated on 27 Sept 2009 >> F1 Singapore Grand Prix Race Cars Photos

Managed to catch a glimpse of the inaugural F1 Singapore Grand Prix on TV while I am still in Malaysia! It’s Singapore’s First Grand Prix and the world’s first night race in F1 history. So cool to see the drivers racing against […]

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Mid-Autumn Festival (Part 2/2)

Get hooked on Mid-Autumn Festival (Part 1/2) first before you proceed!

You have seen Chinatown in the day. Mid-Autumn Festival Part 2/2 is about S.E.X in The City…

Freak not! It’s Mid-Autumn Festival story telling time! […]

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Mid-Autumn Festival (Part 1/2)

Tonight, the moon is at its fullest and brightest for 2008. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), a day that falls on the 15th of the 8th Chinese lunar month for celebration of togetherness and abundance. The festival is also known as Lantern or Mooncake festival as you will see beautifully lit lanterns everywhere, and Chinese […]

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Hungry Ghost Festival is over!

I wanted to blog about Hungry Ghost Festival (中元节), but have been sitting on it for one whole month! Finally, on the last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival, we managed to take some interesting photos.

Gee, feel kinda funny to write something related to ghosts and spirits in the silence of the night. For the sake you, I shall blog on :S …

What is Hungry Ghost Festival? Hungry Ghost Festival is one of the major festivals in Chinese culture. It is a month-long festival celebrated on the 7th Lunar month and this year, it fell on 1st August. On that day, it is believed that the “Gates of Hell” are opened and the dead will return to the human world. During this period, many Chinese will try to AVOID moving in to a new house, getting married, staying out late etc.

The food on the table are offerings for the restless souls wandering around during the one-month long Hungry Ghost Festival. My friend told me his friend who is able to see “things” saw those spirits grabbing the food to eat during the 7th Lunar month. -_-” […]

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