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Chinese New Year in Chinatown

Welcome to the Year of Ox! Here are some pics taken from Singapore Chinatown just before Chinese New Year. These cute golden oxen are just located at Chinatown Point.

As I mentioned in my earlier Chinese New Year article, red is liberally used in all decoration during this festive season. Someone once asked, “Is red the main color of China (clothes, lights, sauce, hong-bau, firecrackers, communism, flag, roofs, etc)?

Here is an answer which I found from the web: Red symbolizes good fortune. There is an ancient Chinese legend about a man-eating beast called “Nian” which is a predatory creature. To scare off Nian, people covered their homes with the color red and filled the air with loud noises, ie. fire crackers.

Chinese like to grace their gates and doors with Chinese New Year’s couplets which are written on two strips of red paper. The red couplets are composed of sentences that complement each other and often rhyme. Nowadays, we hardly see handwritten couplets; these are all printed with different designs. […]

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Lunar New Year Pics

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Today is the eighth day of the Spring festival. I am back to Singapore! Want some chocolates wrapped in gold foil?

How about some chocolates wrapped in Euro dollars? Or playing cards with chocolates?

Buns that symbolize longevity. […]

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It’s everyone’s birthday!

I am blogging using a dial-up Internet connection, you know the turtle speed, so I’m not gonna upload any photo, er.. maybe one? I’ll just try… still in Ipoh-Malaysia now, but going back to Singapore tonight, so gonna upload more photos later.

Firstly, let me wish you all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Chinese New Year celebration […]

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Chinese New Year in Lion city

You gonna see a series of posts in “red” cos Chinese New Year is coming soon and red is liberally used in all decorations! This year, the first day of of the first lunar month falls on 26 Jan.

Chinese homes are often decorated with paper cutouts (剪纸) of Chinese auspicious phrases and New Year’s couplets (春联) written on two strips of red papers, fresh flowers, plants and red lanterns that you can see here. Traditionally, lanterns are believed to scare away evil spirits while brightening the mood with the red glow of good luck.

In Chinese, “Fish” (鱼) and “abundant” (余) have the same pronunciation, so fish in the Chinese culture symbolizes wealth, like a popular Chinese phrase “年年有余” which means “may there be surpluses every year”. Fish also symbolize harmony, marital happiness and reproduction because they multiply rapidly.

The most popular fish motif found in Chinese art and culture is the Chinese carp or koi fish. The carp symbolizes strength and perseverance. Its scales and whiskers resemble that the dragon, a great symbol of power in China. Now, you can eat mango jelly koi! (Price tags shown in this post are in Singapore dollar.)

During Chinese New Year celebrations, families and friends make “new-year visits” (拜年) to one another’s homes. Every household keeps their tables topped up with sweet and savoury specialties to welcome relatives and friends with festive treats. With these irresistible temptations, it takes much discipline not to overeat and stay healthy!

“Today’s Special” – Buy pineapple tarts and get cashew nut or cappuccino cookies FREE! […]

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X’mas Buffet

2009 is coming… How’s your feeling now? We had a good X’mas lunch buffet at Cafe Brio’s at Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel, Singapore. It’s a sumptuous meal with a nice spread of international dishes and most importantly, many delicious cakes, pastries, and desserts!

Oysters, hams, turkey meat… and lot of desserts! I took all the macaroons from the top of the cakes and pies too. =P You can see how much I love desserts!

If the gingerbread house was edible, I would give it a bite too!


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Some leftovers…

Yes it’s 27 Dec today.. but I still have many X’mas pics yet to publish. Anyway, not to waste any leftovers, let’s “finish” them before 2008 ends! I was told not to take any pic in this office building except their Christmas tree. But the reflection on the bells hanging on the tree “betrayed” them. Ok ok, just being childish. XD

This is a very “oriental” Christmas tree by the look at the ornaments hanging on it. Not only that, the tree is upside down. I don’t know if it has other meanings, but if you are a Chinese, some auspicious words being placed upside down means “luck arrives”, so for the inverted Christmas tree, does it mean “Christmas arrives”? ^^ […]

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Laser Show at Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City

A short clip of Precious Moments laser show on water screen at the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City, Singapore on Christmas day. Quality is not good though, don’t expect much from a cellphone video cam. @_@

According to Fengshui masters, visitors who walk around the central base of the Suntec city Fountain of Wealth 3 times while touching the water would gain good luck. The shape of the fountain is designed according to Fengshu. The inward flowing of water of the fountain symbolises the retention of wealth for Suntec City and riches pouring in, and water is the symbol of life and wealth in Chinese culture. That’s why it’s named The Fountain of Wealth.


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Update: Snow Play @ Tanglin Mall 2009

Season’s Greetings from Singapore! This is the first X’mas for Travelerfolio! I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Supposed to take “snowing” pictures outside Tanglin Mall, located at Tanglin road (near Orchard road), Singapore. But the “snow play” ended before we reached there. The huge Christmas tree here is decorated with thousands of recycled bottles.

Apparently, some kids wearing swimming suits were disappointed when they didn’t catch the “snow play”. […]

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Christmas Videos from Singapore!

Hey guys! We took some short videos along Orchard road! The quality is not that good but you can take a glimpse of how Christmas looks like without snow. XD Anyway you will hear some songs that were playing on radio at the time of recording, like “Turn back the clock” and “Womanizer”! XD

The Sweet mascots were dancing, I think it was a game show, with volunteers wearing the mascot costumes. Can you spot me?


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Dongzhi Festival

I wanted to blog about this important Chinese festival – Dongzhi (冬至) festival which falls on 21 Dec this year and have been wondering who did a post on Dongzhi and is really surprised to see such a lovely post from none other than our regular visitor – peteformation , the foodie from Malaysia.

Dongzhi […]

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