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Singapore Blog Awards 2012

The 5th Singapore Blog Awards has unveiled the winners of 10 Main Categories (food, lifestyle, travel, etc) and 5 others for the Sponsored and Celebrity Categories last Saturday, 21 July at the Singapore Food Trail / Singapore Flyer.

Congratulations to all winners! A few of them were repeat winners whom we went Melbourne together last […]

Moove Cows Salute Singapore’s Workforce

The Cows are on the Moove again!
Two years ago during the World Cup fever, we couldn’t be more amused to see cute Cows from Team Germany, Portugal and Argentina playing soccer on the field in the neighbourhood. We even thought of going all over the city to find the World Cup megastar-Cows to pose […]

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Erdinger Oktoberfest

Roktober! Singapore’s very own Oktoberfest to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world’s largest German festival is held at Timbre @The Substation from 22 to 24 October ’10. The outdoor event is a massive drinking party with Erdinger, complement with delectable German sausages, pork knuckles and other tasty finger food while enjoying live music […]

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Official Opening of Helix bridge

The world’s first double helix structural bridge is officially open to the public on 24 April 2010. Named the Helix Bridge, the pedestrian bridge took two years to complete and it connects to Singapore’s second casino resort, Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Being touted as an architectural marvel, the curved structure is built with […]

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Ritual and Spiritual

Hmm… I was a bystander and don’t know much about this spiritual ritual. It involves a man who appears to be possessed spiritually and behaves like a child, sucking a pacifier. Also, another person (a Taoist devotee?) performing the ritual will spank the ground several times with a long whip, giving out loud cracking […]

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Singapore Snows

It doesn’t snow everywhere in Singapore. At certain times in December, it snows at Tanglin Mall. It snows BUBBLES!

You can tell how much the kids love the “snow” play. They are going gaga over “snowing frenzy”!

Obviously, the HARDCORE one… facing directly at the bubble blowhole!

Hey raincoat kid, that’s a smart move.

The adults are loving […]

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Burning Hell Notes

We have to shut off all the windows in the house and turn on the air-con. The smoke of burning incense in the air is choking. Today (20 Aug) is the first day of the one-month-long Hungry Ghost Festival. Some Chinese believe that the “Gates of Hell” are opened now and the spirits are […]

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Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

This year, 9 August marks the 44th National Day of Singapore since 1965 after Singapore gained independence from Malaysia.

During my school days, we enjoyed singing all the patriotic theme songs and evergreen community songs such as “Singapore Town”, “Di Tanjong Katong” and “Chan Mali Chan” (Malay songs), and even an Indian song- “Munnaeru Vaalibaa”! Till now, I still love them!

I tried to compile all the music videos of the National Day theme songs and community songs in the 80s from YouTube but only managed to find a few. Relive the good ‘ol days as we sing along with these all-time-favourites!

Let us start with “Stand Up for Singapore”, the first theme song released in 1985. In the video, you’ll see the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong, Singapore’s first elected president and Mr Goh Chok Tong who was then the Prime Minister of Singapore after succeeding Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Stand Up for Singapore lyrics […]

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I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! For those who are still unattached, wish you find your Mr/Miss Right soon! […]

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The End of Chinese New Year Festivities

The celebration of 15-day Chinese New Year festival has just come to an end on 9 Feb. The 15th day of the first lunar month is “Yuan Xiao” festival (元宵节) and it’s also the first night of the lunar year to see a full moon. There shall be many beautiful lanterns hanging around for people to appreciate, and people will try to solve riddles on the lanterns and eat Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls). The day is also known as Chinese Valentine’s day. In ancient China, it was the night that girls were allowed to leave homes to appreciate lanterns along the streets and they would drop their handkerchiefs for young men to pick them up and get to know the girls! I guess nowadays girls hardly use handkerchief but tissue packs to reserve dining tables during crowded lunch hours (especially in Singapore)!

Chinese New Year rice cake – “Nian gao” (年糕) sounds like “年高”, which literally means “increasingly prosperous year in year out”.


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