The Aviary Kingdom (Part 3/3)

At Jurong Bird Park, the Pelican Cove highlights the World’s First underwater viewing gallery for the most complete collection of pelicans on earth. You get the chance to see the pelicans diving for their fish during feeding time at the viewing gallery.

The humongous fish that has much fascinated little Devin. Its body is so […]

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The Aviary Kingdom (Part 2/3)

Do you watch Harry Potter movies? When I stepped into the World of Darkness, I thought I saw those captivating species that carry messages and packages to Hogwarts, like Hedwig, Harry’s pet Snowy Owl and Errol, the Weasley’s very clumsy Great Gray Owl.

In terms of length, the Great Gray Owl is the largest owl in the world; however, its body is lighter than most other large owls.

The World of Darkness exhibit uses a reversed lighting technique which simulates “moonlit night” that induces these nocturnal characters to come alive in the day time.

Clothes make the man, feathers makes the bird. Feathers that display a fascinating array of colours.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The world’s largest known egg is bigger than a rugby ball and could make […]

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The Aviary Kingdom (Part 1/3)

Who says there is no dinosaur fossil in Singapore?? I just dino dug a toothy one. Head down to Jurong Bird Park and you will discover more!

Trivia Qns: Guess who’s this sulky fellow that caught you peeping at him? Scroll down to the last for answer.

Little Conner flew all the way from the States to Singapore and decided to visit the famous Jurong Bird Park for his project about birds. Nice pose pumpkin! Let’s follow him to the African Waterfall Aviary.

While you are engaging in the African scenery, don’t forget to greet the African warriors! Ni hao!? […]

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