Crane Dance @Resorts World Sentosa

Catch the world’s largest animatronic show when two ginormous love birds groove on the groundbreaking music combines with stunning visual, light and water illusions  at the Waterfront of Resorts World™ Sentosa.

Developed over 36 months, the Crane Dance is designed by the multiple Emmy-award winner – Jeremy Railton – whose past works include the design […]

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Official Opening of Helix bridge

The world’s first double helix structural bridge is officially open to the public on 24 April 2010. Named the Helix Bridge, the pedestrian bridge took two years to complete and it connects to Singapore’s second casino resort, Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Being touted as an architectural marvel, the curved structure is built with […]

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Universal Studios Singapore [1/2]

Let’s start off with a video compilation of our photos taken from Universal Studios Singapore!

How to go to the Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa?

There are many ways to get there.  Perhaps the two more popular choices are as follows:

By Sentosa Express from Vivocity (MRT station: HarbourFront)

You can take the Sentosa Express from […]

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Universal Studios Singapore [2/2]

Continued from Universal Studios [part 1/2]

Everyone loves Madagascar! The colourful tropical jungle comes alive with the cute Madagascar heroes dancing gaily to the thumping tunes. This zone is themed to the hit movie Madagascar.

We all took turns to take pictures with the Madagascar characters. Hi Alex!

It takes two to embrace Gloria the hippopotamus!

King Julien […]

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Night scenes around Singapore

Happy 2010! Long waited for this post my friends! I just came back from Penang, yes… spent my New Year in Penang. These shots were taken with Pentax K-X on Christmas and before New Year in Singapore. We had a fun time hopping around the city with our Penang relatives.

Somehow, I still prefer the […]

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Journey to the Underwater World

You don’t need to dive deep into the sea to come close with these captivating giant sea creatures. They are all gliding graciously around you, and yes, above you too!

Step on the 83 m long moving travelator and let it brings you through the voyage at the bottom of the sea teeming with exotic […]

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The Aviary Kingdom (Part 3/3)

At Jurong Bird Park, the Pelican Cove highlights the World’s First underwater viewing gallery for the most complete collection of pelicans on earth. You get the chance to see the pelicans diving for their fish during feeding time at the viewing gallery.

The humongous fish that has much fascinated little Devin. Its body is so […]

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The Aviary Kingdom (Part 2/3)

Do you watch Harry Potter movies? When I stepped into the World of Darkness, I thought I saw those captivating species that carry messages and packages to Hogwarts, like Hedwig, Harry’s pet Snowy Owl and Errol, the Weasley’s very clumsy Great Gray Owl.

In terms of length, the Great Gray Owl is the largest owl in the world; however, its body is lighter than most other large owls.

The World of Darkness exhibit uses a reversed lighting technique which simulates “moonlit night” that induces these nocturnal characters to come alive in the day time.

Clothes make the man, feathers makes the bird. Feathers that display a fascinating array of colours.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The world’s largest known egg is bigger than a rugby ball and could make […]

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The Aviary Kingdom (Part 1/3)

Who says there is no dinosaur fossil in Singapore?? I just dino dug a toothy one. Head down to Jurong Bird Park and you will discover more!

Trivia Qns: Guess who’s this sulky fellow that caught you peeping at him? Scroll down to the last for answer.

Little Conner flew all the way from the States to Singapore and decided to visit the famous Jurong Bird Park for his project about birds. Nice pose pumpkin! Let’s follow him to the African Waterfall Aviary.

While you are engaging in the African scenery, don’t forget to greet the African warriors! Ni hao!? […]

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The Dark Side of Singapore

You suppose Singapore is a concrete jungle city, sprouted with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. When dusk falls, streets are well-lit, clean and safe. The city is never too dark to explore. So, what’s so “dark” about this sunny island? Wait till you embark on the journey into the deep tropical forest in Mandai you’ll know.

Look, something is crossing our path in the dark. What’s the big deal? Stray cats are seen everywhere on the island. But hey? Cat? How could it be that big?! I heard someone saying “it’s a fishing cat, silly.”

Further down the trail, it seems like cats are getting bigger. What?! They’ve leopard spots?! Dumb lines.

You hear the hyena laughing and the stealthy leopard stalking you. Sensing someone looking over your shoulder, you turn around and notice a pair of glowing eyes. An icy chill run down your spine in the warm night. The beast is only a few metres away, stretching its muscles and getting ready to pounce on you! […]

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