Cave Exploration

We hiked up to Panching (Charas) limestone cave and did not have enough of it yet, and continued to follow the trail up to the highest cave above us. From far, we really couldn’t see what lied ahead of us and we had to be mindful with every step as they are uneven and slippery too. But since we had already been so far, from Singapore to Mersing, then drove up to Sungai Lembing town in Kuantan, Pahang in Malaysia, why gave up? No big deal though.

That’s the cave entrance.

Panoramic photo of the limestone cave, with drawings, algae, water dripping… I took this shot from inside the cave. No one was around except my family members. Most of them didn’t want to come up to this higher spot as the ground was slippery. Feeling creepy as I look at those details on this cave picture.

Scroll right-left to view the panoramic cave photo.

My dad nearly slipped and fell in this cave. Fortunately, he was pretty agile on his feet and managed to grab hold of some big rocks at the side. It’s safer to walk sideway down the slippery slope. […]

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Caves Expedition

Malaysia has many caves scattered around the country and is a haven for cave explorers. We drove a long way to Kuantan, the capital of Pahang, the third largest state of Malaysia, and visited Panching Caves at Sungai Lembing town.

Panching Cave (aka Charas Cave according to sources) is a limestone cavern with unique rock formations and is not only visited by tourists but archaeologists and geographers. It is actually a Thai-Buddhist cave temple with the enthralling statue of the 9 metres reclining Buddha.

Surprisingly, there is an admission fee to visit Panching cave. For an adult, you pay RM2. For a child, you pay RM1. […]

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