Macau Travel Itinerary

Here is a list of itinerary for our 4 Days 3 Nights tour in Macau. Click on the links to read the articles for more travel details.

Day 1 – Coloane village, City of Dreams entertainment resort, Macao Science Center, Macau Tower

Day 2 – Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum, Handover Gifts Museum, Antonio’s Portuguese restaurant, […]

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Michael Jackson Gallery

Taylor Lautner didn’t wear a wolf mask in the Twilight saga.

Well-groomed Edward Cullen doesn’t clad in rags and tatters.

Then who could pull off wearing a bling bling glove only on one hand?

You know the answer. The glittering white rhinestone glove was worn by Michael Jackson when he did his Moonwalk debut and performed one […]

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Where to Eat in Macau

Here is a lengthy food list from our 4-day trip in Macau. My eyes were bigger than my stomach but we still missed out some great food out there. If you’ve any recommendation for the local food scene, feel free to leave them in the comment box.

1) Wong Chi Kei (黃枝記) – one of […]

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The Macau Potpourri

Macau is a potpourri of old and new. With a small area of less than 30 km2 (still growing in size!), the Mediterranean of the South China Sea is an intriguing city of fusion with a harmonious juxtaposition of some of the world’s ritziest casino hotels and historic sites that found their way on […]

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Feast your eyes

This is the kind of cozy and homey Portuguese restaurant where the chef becomes your friend. Tucked away in one of the quaint alleys in the heart of Taipa village, António is indeed a Portuguese culinary paradise in Macau.

Chef António Coelho, a 60-ish Portuguese with extensive culinary experience who has been cooking authentic Portuguese […]

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Of Wines & Men

Enjoy a historic and cultural walk-through of the Wine and the Vineyard to learn about wine production in different parts of the world at the Wine Museum next to Macau Grand Prix Museum.

Upon entrance to the Wine Museum, visitors will meet mannequins donned in traditional costumes of different regions of Portugal. The former Portuguese […]

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Ruins of St Paul’s

I guess many of us who haven’t been to Macau before might have already seen the Ruins of St Paul’s before anything else on the peninsula. Photos of the famous baroque façade are so commonly printed on guidebooks, magazines, postcards and any promotional articles about the city that the image has already etched into […]

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Mandarin’s House

The diverse collection of old buildings, colonial churches, monuments and temples enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Centre of Macau” is the evidence of a modernized city packed with a multicultural mix of the East and the West.

Among the architectural legacies of Macau, a very large private residence with more than 60 […]

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Dancing with the Drunken Dragon

I’ve seen Jackie Chan wallowing in alcohol until he started to sway and stagger, unleashing his drunken Kung Fu strokes in “The Legend of the Drunken Master”. This time, it was a group of intoxicated men that were already dancing their way to Senado Square early in the morning around 9am, leaving us agape!

The […]

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The Venice of Macau

Ma n’atu sole,
cchiù bello, oje ne’
‘O sole mio
sta ‘nfronte a te!
‘O sole, ‘o sole mio
sta ‘nfronte a te!
sta ‘nfronte a te!

And we glided along the Grand Canal under the romantic blue sky with the gondolier serenading us in his tenor solo…

We were immersed in the Venetian atmosphere; we were in Ven-… Venetian Macao!

A tourist […]

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