Japan Bullet Train – Shinkansen

Wee Lai’s traveling experience onboard the Bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto in Japan during winter 2007:

Much excitement was aroused prior on board since I was hoping on the legendary bullet train (which is also know as Shinkansen) –which is one of the fastest trains in the world. My tour guide informed us that the journey on bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto takes only a mere 15 minutes, as compared to an hour road trip.

At the beginning, a slight disappointment set in when I realized that I was not taking a roller coaster ride after all; you wouldn’t feel a rush of adrenaline just by taking this train. The speed of picking up is rather normal, like our usual MRT in Singapore, after which the sceneries changes more rapidly. When the bullet train rides at its full speed, it will finally be too dazzling to glance outside the window. It’s a perfect moment to divert your attention for a small chat with the person sitting beside you.


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Traveling Japan

My friend is going Japan for a few months to study a short Japanese course for five weeks, and after that he will try to find a part-time job there. He thinks this is a cheap way to travel Japan: the Japanese course that he enrolled cost S$3,100 only, including hostel stay provided by the school for five weeks! That’s a lot of savings if he were to find his own lodging in Japan. Many have asked, “Are meals provided too?” My answer is “NOPE”. S$3,100 for five weeks of lodging plus hostel lodging, what more can you ask?!
(USD 1 = S$1.36)

This friend backpacked in Japan before and shared with me his travel experience in Japan.


This is a gambling arcade with rows and rows of extremely noisy slot machines, some use coin as token while others use solid sphere.

Most pachinko are full house or close to full house! Some very serious players even have their tokens line up in pails or baskets on the floor. All pachinko have toilets.

Just like ladies who have their exclusive whole body slimming service, manicure…

… guys in Japan have their own entertainment services too. For guys, it’s the nude theater with a library of AV DVDs with immediate room facility for viewing. In any “library” as such, there are easily 10 to 20 thousands titles on display and selection of which could pose a big problem because only the spine of the “books” are exposed.

Another problem, to some, is learning fast forwarding. Five titles are allowed to be brought into the room and within that one hour, it is absolutely ok to exchange as many titles as you wish.


Don’t you ever think of cartooning as childish! In Japan, it plays a major role in print advertisements and television commercials. […]

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Taking trains in Japan

There is no need to understand how the train network operates. But if you can, that’s a plus. Most importantly, is knowing how to use it.

A correct exit will be a correct entrance to where you wanna be. A train station is like a bus stop; you may need to walk from one bus […]

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Cycling in Japan

This article and photos are contributed by my friend, Cheng Hoo.

This has been well-thought of for the people, i.e. cycling. Business executives, ladies in suits, gentlemen in ties, cycle to work too, and not forgetting school boys and girls.

It takes us a perspiring 10min to walk 1km but it takes us just a breezing […]

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